Some Shocking Revelations From Prince Harry’s Upcoming Autobiography

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has recently become a topic of great interest among netizens and people across the globe. However, for those who do not know, let me inform you that he is the younger son of King Charles III and his wife Diana. He is also the Duke of Sussex. Therefore, now you know why he is a famous personality in contemporary times. However, this is not the particular reason that has made him a hot topic of discussion among the global population. The reason that I am talking about, is something more serious and might sound a bit strange to you. Impatient enough to know that? Well, let’s come to the fact straight away.

The Duke of Sussex has authored an autobiography that is scheduled to be published on the 10th of January 2023. The name of the book is ‘Spare’. As claimed by sources, this book is better described as a book of bitterness and grievances in the Royal Family. Some of the content of this upcoming book has been leaked and the information that has come up has made Harry a topic of hot debate around the globe. The book, as reported by the Guardian newspaper and some other sources, contains some really striking details that will definitely shock the shit out of you. Ready for the shock? Well, for that you have to go through the rest of the article. 

The Striking Claims And Revelations 

The Striking Claims And Revelations 
Credit: the daily beast

1. Details About Camilla

The Sun reports one of the striking claims made by the Duke of Sussex in his autobiography. As per the report, Prince Harry has mentioned in the book that his brother William and he himself requested their father against marrying Camilla. Let me inform you that Camilla is the present Queen Consort. The reason for such a request was their fear that she might become a bad stepmother to them. In fact, the brothers met Camilla before she became a part of the Royal family. However, the author also writes that they were ready to forgive her if she could make King Charles happy.

2. William Beating Up Harry 

In another shocking revelation, Harry claims that once his brother William knocked him down on the floors of his London Cottage. As claimed by him, the fight was occasioned by William addressing Meghan as ‘rude’ ‘abrasive’ and ‘difficult’. As a result of the heated exchange, William ripped Harry’s necklace and knocked him down on the floor. 

3. A Woman Of ‘Powers’

This is an incident that Harry describes after the demise of his mother Diana. We know that Diana succumbed to a car crash in Paris. At that time Harry was only 12 years old. Grieved by the loss of his mother, Harry sought the aid of a woman of ‘power’. According to Harry, that woman told him that his mother has told her that she was happy as he was living the way Diana had wanted. Therefore, this suggests that Harry had a conversation with his dead mother. 

4. Cocaine And Cannabis

Yes! You have read that right. The book also details the accounts where at the age of 17, Harry consumed cocaine. He also admits that though he did not like that, he took it on several occasions. On another occasion, Harry writes that he smoked Cannabis in the bathroom of their Eton cottage when he was still a student.

5. Killing Taliban Fighters

In the book, Harry also writes about killing around 25 Taliban fighters in 2012-13, in Afghanistan. At that time he was a helicopter pilot and took part in 6 missions. He also writes in the book that he thinks those killings them was justified. 

Concluding Lines

Apart from these, there are other striking claims in the book. Therefore, this leaked information has raised the hype around the book. Now, let us wait till the book is published on the 10th of January, which is not very far away.

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