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Most people get bored by the history of arts and the direction of its development, but the matter is how to tell. One of the main reasons why artdevivre articles are popular and interesting is that they are always accompanied by a vast visual aid and kept brief yet meaningful, so you can perceive all the necessary information in the shortest time possible. That’s exactly the case of how famous romanticism paintings are presented to a broad audience of fans and amateurs. 

What Does Romanticism Look Like

The Romanticism movement appeared as a reaction to the social circumstances that were unfolding at the end of the 18th century. Art, and especially, fine art is always a mirror to all the circumstances that surround people, and they often bring even more action to people’s hearts and minds than actual movement. That’s the case of that epoque because the end of the 18th century was widely presented by revolutions, global and national social changes, and drastic modifications in political life. 

Romanticism managed to reflect the chaotic nature of society at that time, so the fundamental principles of that movement included bringing emotions, passion, individualism, and appeal to new, revolutionary ideas and characters.

To give a reader a clearer idea of what a romantic piece of art looks like, let’s do a bit of analysis of Eugène Delacroix’s painting named “Liberty Leading the People”. It depicts a woman above the crowd of furious people ready to fight to stand for their liberty. While other standing men are fully dressed, her clothes are half-ripped off which makes her stand with her chest exposed to all the future dangers. 

It’s a fully romantic piece because: 

  • it reflects the latest social events that took place right before the painting was created (the July Revolution in the French Republic);
  • it expresses the emotions and passion of the author who wanted to contribute to the common effort even though he couldn’t participate in the revolution himself;
  • it’s inspired by the new, literally revolutionary idea of a society living by the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity;
  • the chaos and disorder making the body of the piece are obviously opposed to the classic order and reason.

Art De Vivre presents the article with a clear yet brief description of 9 more romantic pieces that were fundamental at the time. Follow the link above to read.

Why Read About It In Art De Vivre

The Art De Vivre magazine is an online site where you can find plenty of interesting things about culture, either modern or ancient. First, such articles as the one referred to above are not the only ones to attract your attention, so even if you’re not into painting topics, you can find something more suitable to your interests. 

Second, all the articles you can find in this online magazine are written and edited by experts in the field and just interested people whose curious minds help them create meaningful and pleasantly brief texts for a range of topics. 

Third, the website is a visually and ergonomically comfortable place to spend your intellectual time. Text fonts are aesthetic and eye-comforting, visual components like pictures or videos are harmonically balanced with the text parts, and so on. 

If you want to experience a great combination of fascinating quality content and comfortable configuration – Art De Vivre is a perfect option.

Additional Features To Enjoy Arts Internationally

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