What to Look for When Buying a House

Buying a House

It’s easy to get swept up in the emotion and excitement when you’re in the market for a house.  Your mind will pull forward images of the perfect home, something that looks a little like your childhood home but is also fresh and updated.  Unfortunately, these aren’t the only things we need to consider when shopping!  Here are the top things to pay attention to when you’re looking for a Buying a House so that you can keep your whimsy in line!

Enough Space

The most essential thing you need when buying a home is a guarantee that there will be enough space for yourself and those who live with you.  Even if there’s just you and your partner, a two-bedroom is often necessary to spread out a little.  Although you might find something far cheaper and smaller, remember you’re going to be living here for at least five to ten years- possibly your whole life: get a home you can grow in.

Below Budget

Many see the top of their budget as their limit, wanting to get every last cent of house that they can.  This type of home shopping isn’t the best way to go since it means that you’ll be strapped for cash every month when you pay off your mortgage.  Instead, try to find a home with everything you need and work on bargaining down the price.  Ten thousand dollars can be an extra fifty dollars off your monthly bills!  It’s worth it to add bargaining into your steps to buy a house.

Distance From Important Areas

Commuting might not seem like a big deal if you get the house of your dreams, but it can grind down on a person.  Look at how far every property you like is from your job or other places you frequently visit and consider if that drive is worth it.  It can be acceptable in some cases, like if you find a cheap home in the suburbs and have to drive into the city to work: but don’t add commute time you can’t handle!

Spikes or Drops In Value

Although every house gains or loses value over time, you should pay attention to any severe drops in price.  Most states require home sellers to disclose if a property has flooded or gone through any trouble: but sellers still may illegally choose to lie.  If you see a massive price drop, look in the area for any tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, or other natural disasters around that time- and ask the seller if they have any information on why it dropped.  Not only could you use this as a bargaining chip, but it also gives you knowledge about the home you might not have been given otherwise.

Something That Feels Right

Although it may seem cliche, you should look for a house that feels right to you.  Some homes can have almost everything you need and still won’t feel right.  This house is where you’re going to live for five-plus years; it’s okay to want a building you feel connected to. Make sure it has most of everything else you need and is within budget.

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