How To Setup Anne Pro 2 Software? Fixing Up Issues In Anne Pro 2 Keyboard

Anne Pro 2 Software

If you are a crazy gamer, you should know about this software, Anne Pro 2. However, some people are not aware of this software. So, let us discuss this software briefly in this article.

What Is Anne Pro 2 Software?

Anne Pro 2 software is nothing but a powerful gaming keyboard. It comes with programmed keys and thus, it is easy for gamers to use and play the games. With its customized RGB lighting, gamers can control various things while playing games. 

One can also enjoy the wonderful typing experience with Anne Pro 2 Keyboard. But the problem is that you can’t type on this keyboard for so long, as you can get pain with narrow keys.

How To Setup Anne Pro 2 Software At Home?

Anne Pro 2 is a 60% Bluetooth-enabled gaming keyboard. It offers smart features that save your time. Totally, it has 61 keys but you can’t use 104 keys normal keyboard. Here are the steps to use this keyboard effectively.

How To Connect Anne Pro 2 Software?

Connect Using USB Cable:

  1. At the back of this keyboard, you will find a Bluetooth switch. You need to turn off this switch
  2. Now, connect this keyboard to the PC using a USB cable

Connect Using Bluetooth:

  1. The first step is to turn on the Bluetooth switch that you see at the back of the keyboard
  2. Check the PC whether it supports Bluetooth or not
  3. Once, it supports the PC, you can pair it with a keyboard

Basic Functions Of Keys In Anne Pro 2 Software:

F1 to F12:

It is easy to reprogram any keys with a certain formula. Using function keys with other keys, you can do several activities.

  • Fn1 + + = F12
  • Fn1 + – = F11
  • Fn1 + 0 = F10
  • FN1 + 4 = F4
  • FN1 + 1 = F1

Direction Keys:

For moving in four directions, you can use certain combination of keys in Anne Pro 2 Software. They are

  • FN1 + W = ↑ 
  • FN1 + S = ↓ 
  • FN1 + D = →
  • FN1 + A = ← 

Other Important Keys:

Here are some key combinations that you may require while typing using Anne Pro 2 Software.

  • FN1 + [{ = HOME 
  • FN1 + ]} = END
  • FN1 + :; = PAGE UP 
  • FN1 + ‘” = PAGE DOWN 
  • FN1 + O = SCROLL LOCK 
  • FN1 + P = PAUSE BREAK 
  • FN1 + | = PRINT SCREEN 
  • FN1 + .> = INSERT 
  • FN1 + /? = DELETE 

How To Fix Issues In Anne Pro 2 Software?

Mac Pro Compatibility And Integration Issues:

Though the keyboard works well with Linux and Windows, it creates some compatibility issues on Apple or MacBook Pro. Sometimes, the background disappears suddenly or the problem with the working of the keyboard. Here are the steps to fix this issue.

  1. The first step is to disconnect the Anne Pro 2 keyboard and shut down the MacBook Pro
  2. Press and hold these keys combination: Power + Shift (Left) + Ctrl + Option
  3. Now, you can see the blinking power adaptor or changing the color of it when SMC is reset
  4. Release holding the keys and start working

Thus, this article might help you to get some knowledge about the gaming keyboard, Anne Pro 2 Software.

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