Similar Tricks To Google’s Easter Egg Do A Barrel Roll 10 Times

Do A Barrel Roll 10 Times

Do a barrel roll 10 times is a popular Google Easter egg that rotates the screen 360 degrees clockwise. This rotation will happen for 5 seconds and you will get the results soon after that rotation. 

How Do A Barrel Roll 10 Times Works?

This Google’s Easter egg is simply to amuse the users who are bored of browsing and working. When you enter this set of words in the search engine Do a barrel roll 10 times, you will see the rotating movement of the screen in the clockwise direction. As a result, you will notice the change in the sequence of the search results. It will simply create wonder or amaze the users.

Other Similar Tricks To Do A Barrel Roll 10 Times

If you are looking for some more amazing Google techniques, then these alternatives will entertain you for sure. Here are the tricks for you to get amusement in Google.

Atari Breakout:

When you command the Google search engine as ‘Atari Breakout’, you will notice the number of balls coming to the screen from the top. These balls’ pictures will change into block breakers. 

All balls are smaller in size and you need to move the arrow from right to left or left to right. This is done to not allow the ball to reach the surface. It is a kind of game and you will lose it when the balls reach and touch the surface.

Google Gravity:

Google Gravity

This Easter egg also amuses you like Do a barrel roll 10 times as you will see the wonderful result of typing it in the search engine. Soon after you command the search engine with ‘Google Gravity’, you will see the falling of the Google logo. Along with the logo, all the search tabs will fall and break into pieces. It depicts the gravity of the earth that attracts the Google logo and other search tabs and thus they all fall.

Zerg Rush:

Zerg Rush

This is another of Google’s amusement to its users. When you type the ‘Zerg Rush’ in the search engine and press the ‘Enter’ button, you will see the amazing result. This action will launch yellow berries from the top and red berries from the right side of the screen. These berries will make the search results to get vanish once they touch them.


It is similar to Google’s Easter egg, Do a barrel roll 10 times, as it will tilt the entire home screen of Google. To see the amazing result of ‘askew’, you need to type it in the search bar and press the ‘enter’ button. Now, you will the titled home screen of Google which will amuse you.


When you are bored of browsing and working on the internet, you can try this technique. You need to type ‘Thanos’ on the search engine and touch the gauntlet. The result is the magic that you see on the screen. Almost, this action will remind you of the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ movie. Every time you touch the gauntlet, you will see various magical things on the screen.


To sum it up, these are the amazing Google’s Easter eggs that you can try and enjoy the result. All of these techniques will amuse you like anything and thus, enjoy exploring new Easter eggs of Google.

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