Everything You Should Know About Finding and Buying Amazon Return Pallets

amazon return pallets

These days it’s easier than ever to start your own business. There are so many different types of liquidation pallets you can include in your business. However, Amazon return pallets are one of the best options because they are a low-cost, simple, and lucrative option. 

Amazon is a popular e-commerce company. It provides everyone with convenience when it comes to shopping online. It also has a great return policy for most of its products. This means that customers tend to return a lot of products on Amazon even if the products are good quality. 

Most of these returned products are never resold and may remain unopen. Instead, Amazon uses the concept of ‘liquidation’ to get rid of the stock. Amazon sells these return pallets to wholesale liquidation companies. These companies then resell them. 

There are a lot of things to know about Amazon return pallets before you can start selling them for your business. We have compiled everything you need to know about finding and buying Amazon return pallets. 

What are Amazon return pallets?   

Amazon allows returns of most products for free. Most of these products are new and unused. Amazon often sells these products as return pallets to wholesale liquidation companies or stores. 

With the help of online liquidation marketplaces, you can buy Amazon return pallets directly from liquidators. These online marketplaces make it simple, quick, and cheap to get both branded and unbranded merchandise of the highest quality.   

You can buy liquidation pallets in Phoenix or any other city that were originally Amazon return pallets. They will help you build up your inventory for cheap. These products will also be good in quality because Amazon usually has a higher standard of quality. 

How to buy Amazon return pallets?   

Amazon sells off their return pallets. The resale of these Amazon return pallets provides an excellent chance for entrepreneurs to make money on the secondary market. You can find these pallets on any of the liquidation sites or even any physical liquidation store. 

Or you can go to wholesale liquidation companies who will first buy and process these items and then sell them to you at a profit. Before buying these liquidation pallets, there are a few things you will need to research. These include: 

  • Finding a suitable and respectable seller 
  • Going through reviews and feedback 
  • Going over the overhead and shipping costs, etc. 

Where to buy Amazon return pallets?   

There are various places where you can buy Amazon return pallets. However, locating a trustworthy vendor is easier said than done. You first need to know whether you want to source directly or wholesale. 

It is important to research several stores that offer liquidation or wholesale goods. If you buy liquidation pallets in Phoenix or any other main city, direct liquidation is the most ideal. 

After deciding which way to go, you can either buy the return liquidation pallets from wholesale liquidation companies and stores or through online auctions. etc. We have listed down a few of the trusted liquidation companies that are also available online. 

  • DirectLiquidation 
  • B-stock 
  • 888Lots 
  • Liquidation warehouse 


Amazon return pallets are a terrific way to build up inventory for a new business. You can resell them anywhere you want, from local thrift stores to online auctions. Amazon is a trusted company which means that their return pallets are also trusted.  

Another benefit to these return pallets is that there is a wide variety of products to choose from. Amazon has everything from electronics to home decor. You may test out universal item pallets to discover what your clients prefer, or you can specialize in a certain area.   

Additionally, you won’t have to depend on a middleman. By eliminating the middleman, you can increase your profits significantly. 


Selling Amazon return pallets is a lucrative business opportunity. This is because the products can be purchased at costs much lower than their typical actual pricing. However, your success is directly dependent on how much knowledge you have about them. 

It does have its risks, which is why you should learn more about this business so you can avoid any problems. So, if you’re thinking of starting your liquidation store, do as much research as possible and use this article as a starting point.

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