Everything You Need to Know About Moving

5 Moving Tips Recommended by Experts to Ensure a Stress-Free Day

Between 2015 and 2020, an average of over 40,000,000 Americans moved each year. That is about 13% of the entire US population.

Although so many people are moving all the time, knowing that fact doesn’t make it any less stressful; in fact, moving can be one of the best or worst things you do, depending on how ready you are beforehand. 

Are you going to move soon, but you don’t know how to move or what you need to do to be prepared?

If you’re searching for a guide to moving, keep reading below to learn everything you need to know as you start planning your big move.  

Find the Property You Want to Buy (or Rent)

Before anything else, you have to figure out where you’re actually going to be moving so that you can plan around that location and space. Think about some of the important factors, including:

  • Proximity to work
  • School districts
  • Cost of living
  • Local entertainment, dining, and more
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

You likely have other things that may be important to you as well, such as how updated the property is, whether pets are allowed, or if there is an outdoor space for you and your family. All of these things should also be considered!

Once you find the right spot, you can either put an offer down on it (or put in an application) right away, or you can try to sell your current property first. If you’re renting, you just need to time it right with the end of your lease so that there is no overlap. 

Read this to learn more about what you can do if you don’t want to hire a realtor. If you don’t want to sell your home with the help of an agency, it is possible, but you’ll need to plan a little bit more to make that happen. 

Research Available Moving Companies

If you plan to get the help of a moving company, you need to research who you want to hire well before you actually move. There are likely many different options in your community, so you’ll need to narrow down your search based on reputation, price, and professionalism.

About 6 weeks before your move date, you’ll want to actually schedule your movers.

Remember that the date of the week and the month you’re moving are all going to impact the overall cost. Moving in the warmer months will cost more because that’s just a more popular time of the year for people to move. Aim for a day during the week if possible to save some money. 

Plan Your Budget

One of our top moving tips is to have a solid budget in mind. Once you know where you’re going and how your belongings will get there, you need to figure out how you’ll budget the rest of your move. Some costs that you may need to include are:

It’s a good idea to make a spreadsheet with all of these things included so that you can plan down to the dime what you will spend on your move. 

Use This Guide to Moving and Get Packing Today

After you have these main three steps figured out, you’re prepared to start packing, move to your new place, and settle in! This guide to moving should help you feel more confident in your move and give you more peace of mind as you book your movers and box up your things.

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