The Little Miss Characters And The Viral Social Media Trend

Little Miss Characters
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In recent times, the little miss characters are going viral on the internet. In fact, this trend has its roots in Little Miss and Mr Men. It is a children’s classic series from the latter half of the twentieth century. Now, those who are unaware of the trend might be confused as to how a trend can be connected to a children’s classic series. But before asking this question, let me make you recall the fact that memes can use everything around us. Therefore, there is nothing to get surprised about.

Now, coming to this viral trend involving the Mr Men and little miss characters is a very interesting trend. The netizens are using various characters from the children’s classic series to show their unique character traits on social media platforms. In fact, this trend has become so intensely viral that almost everyone on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms is making use of the memes. This is infact a very funny trend and people seem to love it absolutely. If you wish to know more about this trend, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to learn more about this viral, yet funny trend on social media.

About The Viral Memes

About The Viral Memes

The trend is a very simple one. In fact, it is so simple to follow that even children have started using it. In order to follow this trend, you first need the covers of the Mr Men and Little Miss books. Then you need to edit and post the covers with a new caption. The characters that are enjoying more popularity in this trend are Little Miss Naughty, Mr Happy and other prominent ones. 

In fact, the trend has become so popular that people are also using it to show their ADHD symptoms, cafe orders, favourite shows, celebrities, and much more. In addition, the users on TikTok are using these memes to tell about their professions, roast a friend and talk about ex-partners.

Tracing The Beginnings Of The Trend

Tracing The Beginnings Of The Trend
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This viral trend with little Miss characters with names started on Tumblr. There is a user named @notyourgaybestie started this trend.

This Tumblr user posted in June 2021 using the first Little Miss character. However, it is an Instagram user named @juulpuppy prepared the grounds for this recent trend. In April 2022 the user posted a carousel of new memes.

Talking hint from there, various famous celebrities and brands started to use these memes. The users first selected their favourite characters and then started to use them to suggest various things and people. A survey shows clearly that there are over 375 thousand IG posts about this meme.

In addition, this trend has assimilated around 60 million views on TikTok. In fact, this trend is spreading like a forest fire. 

Concluding Lines

The Mr Men characters are going viral on different social media platforms. In fact, many famous celebrities from various fields have joined this trend. Recently, Simone Biles, the Olympic champion also jumped into the trend. Therefore, this suggests that people are just loving this trend on social media.

Concluding Lines
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1. How old are the characters in Little Miss Sunshine?

The characters in Little Miss Sunshine are aged mostly between 7 years to 15 years. 

2. What do all the characters order for breakfast in Little Miss Sunshine?

The characters order Apple Crepes a la Mode in the breakfast in Little Miss Sunshine.

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