Make Your RV Home for Long Trips

Make Your RV Home for Long Trips

If you’re planning a long trip in an RV Extension Cord, it can take an emotional toll to be away from home. Whether it’s for a week or a few months, there are a few considerations for your RV so that a long trip won’t feel nearly as long. From Patio Mats to cooking solutions, small comforts can make the whole family feel a bit cosier and a lot more at home during a trip of any length.

Cookware | RV Extension Cord

Nothing says home like your favourite pot for soup. If you’ll be gone a long time and you have an RV with a full kitchen, why not bring your favourite cookware on the road? Being able to create your family’s favourite dishes with the warmth of home will make it feel like you’re all back there. Plus, Sunday dinner is a big deal for a lot of families. Choosing not to miss out on that quality time, even when you’re spending a whole trip together, can lessen the feeling of distance from home.

Books and Entertainment

Vacation can only be so much entertainment on its own. Plus, life’s a lot cosier with a good book. From small TVs to Kindles and physical books, spending a lazy afternoon on the road the way you would at home can be healing. Reading a book outside can be a great way to connect with nature without falling victim to boredom. After all, enjoying the great outdoors isn’t possible if you aren’t enjoying it.

Pillows and Blankets

Comfort is important. When you’re spending a ton of time away from your home comforts, you need to bring some of them along with you. Pillows and blankets are easy to store and bring along but add a lot to the living space. From creating forts to taking a nap and being snugly tucked away, the emotional rewards are vast for such a simple addition.

Cosier Chairs

No one wants to be stuck on a lawn chair for weeks at a time. Take the time to find good quality, comfortable chairs for sitting. Some RVs have seating inside that is super comfortable. If yours doesn’t, it could be smart to have an upgrade. However, a simpler solution is to get some good quality outdoor chairs, since the whole point of camping is to get fresh air.

Slippers, Pajamas, and Good Socks

Slippers, pyjamas, and good socks are like pillows and blankets you wear. Without the public eye, a camping trip is an excuse to be comfortable all the time. Plus, s’ mores by the fire will be a lot more enjoyable with the comfiest clothing. Getting a good, comfortable pair of slippers with a hard bottom is best for camping since you won’t be wearing them indoors too much.

Patio Mats and Plants

The outdoors can be a great decor solution but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to it. Having patio mats can feel more like a real home and adding plants inside the RV can add life to your living space. People have also added wind chimes, small flags, and other hangable pieces to the outside of their RV. This makes the woodsy camping world feel more like your backyard.

Comfortable Bed

If the bed in your RV isn’t the most comfortable, invest in a memory foam topper. You won’t enjoy your vacation if your back is aching. They can be found pretty cheap, but it’s a worthwhile investment. Since you’ll already likely be more active than normal, your back will need the support and comfort come nighttime.

Getting away doesn’t have to include a headache. Check out RVupgrades for simple solutions to make your next camping trip easy and enjoyable with camping mats and more.

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