Animation Videos – A Great Tool to Boost Your Business on Social Media

Animation Videos

According to statistics, the popularity and importance of video marketing are growing significantly. Statistics also show that over 55% of customers engage with a business after viewing its video on social media.

Other reports indicated that spending on video advertising increased significantly over the years. What does this mean? Video advertising should be an integral part of your business marketing strategies.

One aspect of video advertising gaining traction on social media is animation video. If you are yet to include this in your marketing strategies, this post looks at why you should do it right away.

How to make Animation Videos

Before going into details on how powerful a tool animation video is for boosting your business on social media, let us look at how to make one. Many small businesses erroneously believe they have to spend a fortune to make animation videos.

Well, this is further from the truth. As a fact, you can make free animation videos and post them on your social media platforms. One effective tool you can use is Doratoon.

What is Doratoon?

What is Doratoon

Doratoon is a leading free animation software that lets you create animation free of charge. That means you can make an animation video without paying a subscription fee.

The tool offers millions of digital assets you can use to embellish your animation videos, including pre-animated templates, stock photos, video clips, background images, and more.

Doratoon is also feature-rich, and its intuitive editing toolkit makes it easy and seamless to create videos in minutes. You do not need any skills or animation experience to use the tool. 

How to use Doratoon to make an Animation Video

Step 1: Sign up for a free Doratoon account on the software’s official website.

Step 2: Select a pre-animated template.

Step 3: Customize it to suit your brand, advertising concept, and brand personality.

Step 4: Preview your video and download it. You can go ahead to share it on your social media pages.

What are the Features of Doratoon?

Features of Doratoon

Let us highlight some unique features to help you create a powerfully engaging animation video with Doratoon.

  • Artificial Intelligent Drawing

You can use this feature to create an explainer video or whiteboard animation video. It is great if you want to explain a concept or describe the makeup of your product or the process of your service.

AI Drawing predicts shapes when you draw a rough sketch. It also smooths edges and curves in your drawing to give a perfect shape and image. It also suggests pencil thickness, colors, and other effects.

  • An Extensive Library of Templates

Doratoon offers thousands of templates you can explore for your social media marketing videos. They cover different industries, including education, human resources, marketing, business, and more. You can select a pre-animated template and edit it to suit your concept.

  • Auto Lip Sync

Your animated videos sometimes require you to add voiceover. Doratoon offers auto lip sync features, which make your chosen characters look like they are talking in perfect sync with the voiceover. You can create monologues or dialogues, depending on the characters and text features you use.

  • Text-to-Speech Conversion

The free animation software online also offers an advanced text-to-speech in-built tool to save you the stress of creating voiceover recordings. You can simply type the text, and the tool will convert it to text. You only need to choose the voice character you want from the huge library of voice templates available. You can control the playback speed, insert breaks, and do more.

Other features you can explore when you use the Doratoon software include:

  • Footage locking and combination
  • An extensive library of footage styles
  • Advanced animation effects and motion graphics
  • 100M+ stock photos and video clips
  • 10000+ 2D and 3D background images

Why Animation Videos are a Great Tool to Boost your Business on Social Media

As mentioned, including video advertising in your marketing strategy is very critical. Here are the top reasons we recommend animation videos.

  • Animation Videos Drive Engagement

One important thing to boost your business on social media is to consistently engage your audience. Animation videos make it easy to do. For one, they are entertaining to watch.

You can easily grab the attention of your audience with a funny cartoon character and sustain the interest until you deliver your brand message. What is more, viewers engage better with entertaining videos by liking and sharing them with friends online.

  • Animation Videos make for a Lasting and Memorable Impression

A free animation software tool offers the freedom to create highly compelling marketing videos by providing you with all resources you need. Using such videos for advertising lets you leave a memorable and long-lasting impression of your brand on your customers.

Animation videos let you provide a better understanding of your product or service to customers while making it a fun experience. You can change brand perception, boost brand awareness, and increase conversion rates for your brand with an animated video.

animated video

  • Animation Videos Boost Conversion Rate

When you make video animation online and post it on your website, there is a 100% chance visitors will spend a long time on your website. Studies have also shown that 64% of site visitors are more likely to complete an action after watching a video.

It may be to complete a purchase or fill out a form. Using an animation video to explain your product or service’s benefits boosts the chances of your customers watching the video to the end. With this, there is a high chance of making them take the action you want.

  • Easy to Update with a Reshoot

Delivering consistent content is critical to engaging your audience. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive to shoot videos every other day, or even weekly.

However, when you use a free animation software online tool like Doratoon, you can easily update your animation for free and repost it. You do not have to get a crew together to reshoot a video. Even if you want to create a fresh video, you can do it for free with Doratoon at any time.

Final Thoughts

If you are yet to include animation videos in your marketing strategy, the time is now to do so. Thankfully, it does not cost a fortune to create. You can visit the Doratoon website to make video animation online and post them on your social media pages.

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