Merry Christmas 🕎 🎅!! How To Celebrate Christmas During The Covid 19 Pandemic

How to celebrate Christmas

Christmas is here, but this year looks different. Covid has changed the world scenario. Nobody ever thought that the world would come to a halt. Situations have got better, but we cannot forget the fact that covid has still not gone.

While celebrating Christmas this year, remember Health and hygiene are the two most important aspects. In this article, we will talk about how to celebrate Christmas during the covid 19 pandemics.

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How to celebrate Christmas 

If you are planning to organize a party, go for less number of people. Definitely, crowded areas will result in high risk. So, instead of planning a party this year, send Christmas cards to your near and dear ones.

Indoor parties have more risk than outdoor ones; try to organize your party outside. So, you can maintain social distance. If you cannot organize an indoor one, look for a well-ventilated place.

Christmas celebration ideas

Here, we have some Christmas ideas. So, ditch your big party and enjoy some time with your family and friends. 

Family dinner and movie night

Instead of going to big parties, prefer staying at home to watch a good movie or spend some quality time with your family. Have a safe and warm Christmas with your family this year.

Send Christmas greeting 

This Christmas, don’t let your close ones feel your absence. While maintaining safety, you can still make your loved one’s Christmas special. Send them gifts through the mail, attach a small card, and let them know how special you are to them.

Engage in dinner and Christmas decoration

Call your close friends, decorate the house with them. Instead of ordering food from outside, try to bake cakes and cookies.

Decorate your room 

You can spend time decorating your room like a dreamland you always wanted. Try to decorate your room using your old socks, gift wrappers, and flower pots.

Spend time with yourself 

If you are someone who loves to spend cosy time with yourself and then grabs an amazing romantic or a poetry book, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy.

Karaoke night

You can enjoy a musical karaoke night with your family. Buy a mic, and you can have immense fun.

Virtual Party 

This is the world of the internet, and no one is far away. Plan a virtual Christmas party with your friends and family whom you can’t visit. Send a zoom link, think of some games, dress well, and here you go.

How to celebrate Christmas with some safety measures at the individual level

This year is quite tough and tiring for all of us. Remember, we all have survived it. If you really want to enjoy and organize a party. Then, follow some of the following measures at the individual level:

  1. Try to organize a small outdoor party with less number of people.
  2. Carry your mask and sanitizer. Sanitize your hands before touching anything or eating anything.
  3. Go for a small number of people and for a smaller duration of gathering to avoid the crowd.
  4. If you have a cough cold, avoid going to such parties as you pose a risk to others.
  5. Try to avoid singing or shouting at indoor places and keep the music level down.
  6. Carry some extra pair of masks or sanitizers.

This year was hard on us, but we all have made it. Don’t be careless. Enjoy this party time of the year with some safety measures.

Merry Christmas 2022!!