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Phoebe Dynevor

To begin with, Phoebe Dynevor is a celebrity. Further, Phoebe is a famous English actress. She began her career in acting as a child actress. Also, Phoebe Dynevor is famous for her role in the drama waterloo road. The drama was aired on the BBC channel.

Read through the article to find out more about Phoebe Dynevor. The article will include all information relating to the actress. Further, the information will be on the personal and professional life of the actress.

Introduction on Phoebe Dynevor

As mentioned earlier, Phoebe Dynevor is a famous English actress. Even more, Phoebe is a child actress. Her first role was in a BBC drama called Waterloo. Furthermore, Phoebe is also a model. Over the years the English actress has done various roles. Other roles of the actress on BBC includes in the drama crackle and younger.

Phoebe Harriet Dynevor Wikis

✔ Real Name Phoebe Harriet Dynevor
✔ Birthday April 17, 1995
✔ Birthplace Trafford, Greater Manchester, England
✔ Zodiac Sign Aries
✔ Nationality British
✔ Ethnicity Caucasian
✔ Profession Actress
✔ Height 5 feet 5 inches
✔ Married/Husband No
✔ Net Worth $1.5 million
✔ Parents Sally and Tim Dynevor
✔ Siblings Samuel Charles Rhys Dynevor and Harriet Fleur “Hattie” Dynevor


When and where was Phoebe Dynevor born?

In the first place, the birth of the actress Phoebe took place in the year 1995. Further, her full date of birth is 17th April 1995. As per her date of birth, Phoebe is currently twenty – six years. Also, the birth of the actress took place in England. Phoebe was born in Trafford, Great Manchester in England. Lastly, the actress belongs to Aries.

A note about the family of the actress Phoebe Dynevor

In the first place, Phoebe Dynevor belongs to a big and beautiful family. Further, the actress is the daughter of Tim and Sally Dynevor. Tim Dynevor, a father of Phoebe, is a screenwriter. On the other hand, her mother, Sally is an actress. Sally Dynevor is one of the famous actresses of English drama – Coronation Street.

Apart from her parents, Phoebe’s paternal grandparents are also an actress. Furthermore, the actress grew up with two siblings. In other words, Phoebe has a younger brother and a sister. The name of the brother is Samuel and the sister is Harriet. Further, Phoebe is very close to her parents and siblings.

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The career of the actress Phoebe Dynevor

As stated earlier in the article, Phoebe is a child actress in England. Further, Phoebe first role in the television industry was in her teens. At the age of fourteen the actress enacted in a BBC drama – Waterloo road. Later on, she played various other roles on BBC. Some of the famous roles are on the shows Monroe and The Musketeers.

Other famous roles of Phoebe on television are as follow:

  • Lauren in Prisoners wife
  • Phoebe Rundle in The Village
  • Martha Cratchit in Dickensian
  • Clare in Younger

In addition to this, the actress was a lead for two different series. The names of the shows are Snatch, a crime drama and Bridgeton. Furthermore, the actress Phoebe Dynevor also appeared in two movies. The actress recent role in the movie was – the colour room in 2021.

What is the net worth of the actress?

In the first place, the actress Phoebe Dynevor is a talented young woman. She has appeared in various television series. Phoebe was in her early teens when she began acting. Furthermore, the actress has a successful acting career. Hence, her net worth estimation is around 1.5 million dollars.

Interesting facts about Phoebe Dynevor

  • The first fact about the actress is that she finds dancing difficult.
  • The second fact about the actress is that she hails from a family of actors.
  • The last fact about the actress is that she is close to her reel life family.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Phoebe Dynevor is a beautiful young woman. Further, she is a child actress who appears in various television series. However, Phoebe Dynevor is very young and has a long way to go.

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