A Peek Into The Life Of Pretty Mike, The Nigerian Playboy Who Can Sprout Controversies Wherever He Treads

Pretty Mike

In Nigeria, there’s certain someone whose name is Pretty Mike. well, people generally refer to him as the King Of Stunts and also someone who just loves to court controversies wherever he goes.

So, the flamboyant Pretty Mike now has made global headlines after grabbing the spotlight on a wedding. To elaborate, he crashed into the wedding ceremony with his six ‘pregnant girlfriends’ and blatantly claimed that he was the dad to all of their babies.

The Lagos playboy arrived at his friend’s wedding wearing a pink suit and his 6 pregnant ladies. So, if you want to know more about this incident and about Mike in general then follow this article.

Living A Wild Life: Mike’s Arrival At His Pal’s Wedding

Wearing a bright pink suit with 6 pregnant ladies at a wedding is a sight that’s not quite common at all. However, this is something that Mike has done on a fine wedding night. The Lagos club owner Pretty Mike’s real name is Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu. So, at that wedding, he kissed all of his six ladies who wore silver dresses and also rubbed their bellies. On this note, it’s worth noting that he went to the wedding of his pal Williams Ichembo.

So, he clicked a snap and shared it on his Instagram with the caption ‘PM and his 6 Baby Mothers to be…no film trick, we are just living our best life #ABetterTime #HappyHome #Familyisevertyhing.”

Well, this is not the first time that Pretty Mike has made an outrageous stunt at a public place. However, this time, his actions have made him a globally recognized person. The 33-year-old Mike has quite a hefty track record as a controversial person. On a lot of occasions, he has made news in Nigeria.

As we said earlier, people know this person as a stunt man and someone who likes to make some spicy controversies. For example, the police once arrested him for parading around the Nigerian capital with girls on dog leads.

In fact, it’s also worth noting that he also shares his wild views on sex. For example, he likes to dish out advice on sex to his 300k up followers on Instagram. The Nigerian playboy Pretty boy runs Lagos Nightspot club, Uno. He also likes Flashing that good ol’ Gucci, Versace, Dolce to people. In short, he is a person who likes to live a dazzling life, full of glamour.

Mike’s Stunts: Here Are A Few Incidents That Made Him Quite Famous In Nigeria

Well, the previous incident has only helped him to get global recognition. However, he’s someone who has done a lot more in his life. Well, Pretty Mike gained his first local notoriety in the year 2016 when he began to parade around with human puppies. So, he crashed a wedding with a group of beautiful girls on dog chains. No wonder people slammed him for dehumanizing women.

There are other notorious deeds of this person. For example, he posted a photo where he held two girls on a leash under the eyes of five cops. So, due to this reason, police arrested Mike in the year 2017.

Despite that, women still feature a lot in his stunts. For example, people of Nigeria often see him partying with beauties, holding his umbrella. There’s also a video where he wakes up in bed with four women. In addition, he also gives sex advice on his Instagram profile. Moreover, he also flashes his expensive goods a lot. So, all in all, Pretty Mike’s a flashy person who just loves to make headlines with his crazy stunts.

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