Patterned Sheets: Infuse Your Bed with Personality and Charm

Patterned Sheets

Healthy sleep is the key to an effective and bright day, and a good sheet is an indispensable condition for healthy sleep. In the bedroom, we relax, rest, and get rid of the stress accumulated during the day. In this room, everything should contribute to the emergence of pleasant emotions and a relaxed state.

Many people neglect the altar of their home — the bed. It can be firm and uncomfortable, with wrinkled and stale sheets. If comfort and coziness are important to you, you will certainly appreciate the tips for choosing the right sheet patterned professionally. Believe that nothing improves the mood in the bedroom like a beautiful color scheme and a gentle touch of bed linen.

Linen properties 

Boring white sheets are depressing, but what can you find instead? The choice of bed linen is huge. Luxury stores such as “Linens & Hutch” have dozens of options to suit all tastes. You can find them here: To choose a sheet that will emphasize your individuality, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Sheet size. This characteristic is determined automatically, depending on the size of your bed. However, if you are just picking up furniture, consider whether you want to save space or sleep in a super king-size bed.
  • Fabric. Here, the choice is quite large, but the most popular bedding is cotton or microfiber. These two fabrics have different GSMs and resilience. The tactile sheet properties are also important — choose the material that will be most pleasant to your body.
  • Pattern. If you have not thought about this characteristic, you will be surprised at what remarkable design solutions are used by manufacturers. Shades and patterns are created by the best experts to make the desired and personalized atmosphere in the bedroom.

Choosing the best pattern 

Let’s discuss the patterns because they emphasize your personality. You may not have thought about it, but each color has its own effect on the human brain. So, bright red color has a stimulating effect, and light blue shades, on the contrary, soothe. You can choose a pattern and shade that will resonate with your inner state.

Moreover, bed linen is a great opportunity to express your creativity and turn a featureless bedroom into a real masterpiece. Imagine that you have guests. You can turn their stay in your home into a real pleasure. No hotel can compare with the home interior created by a hospitable host.

If you like to experiment and improve your living space, here are some tips for choosing bedding models:

  1. Listen to yourself. Take a break from stereotypes, look at the pattern, and listen to what your soul is saying. The mind often has a negative attitude toward innovation, so it is better to listen to intuition.
  2. Pay attention to geometric patterns if you want to bring originality to your bedroom. Few people choose sheets with stripes or squares; however, such sheets are not just a background but carry a strong meaning.
  3. Experiment with colors. It is not necessary that your entire bedroom is in similar shades — sometimes, contrasts can bring out the beauty of patterns in both wallpaper and bedding. Also, remember that you will sleep on this bed every day, so be careful when buying dark or overly bright sheets.
  4. Find the right balance between simplicity and complexity. Some people love floral patterns with lots of detail. Others prefer stippled sheets. Choose bedding that will never annoy you but, at the same time, will not leave you indifferent.


Not all products are convenient to buy online, but in the case of sheets, this is not the case. There is an excellent online shop where you can examine any pattern in detail, choose different shades with the same pattern, and read about other characteristics of bed linen.

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