Who is Patricia Noah? The Story of a Celebrity Mother – Trevor Noah

Patricia Noah

To begin with, Patricia Noah is the mother of a celebrity. Further, she is mother of a famous comedian. The name of her son is Trevor Noah. Trevor is a popular comedian and also the host on Comedy Central channel.

Read through the article to learn more about Patricia Noah.

Who is Patricia Noah?

As mentioned earlier in the article, Patricia Noah is the son of a famous comedian. Further, she is the mother of Trevor Noah. Trevor is a famous comedian in the world. He is based out of South Africa. Further, after moving to United States of America he became famous. However, the main reason for his success and position is his mother Patricia.

What is the struggle behind the upbringing of Trevor Noah?

The full name of Trevor mother is Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah. Further, she belongs to Xhosa community from South Africa. However, the date of birth of Patricia is unknown. Yet she was born to Temperance Noah and France Noah.  Apart from her parents name, not much is known about her family.

Coming to Patricia childhood, she was labelled as trouble child growing up. Patricia was a rebel and never behaved like a girl child. At the age of nine, she went to live with her father. However, her father sent her away to live with her aunt. From the age of 12, Patricia Noah began living in a Shack with 14 other cousins. Live was very tough for Patricia. She never got proper education.

However, when Patricia was twenty -one years old she attended missionary school. There she learnt English and speed tying. Later on, when Patricia was twenty-two she moved to Johannesburg to start her own life.

Yet the struggles of Patricia didn’t end there. Giving birth to Trevor bought new set of challenges. However, Patricia being brave women overcame them. Further, her second marriage to Ngisaveni Abel Shingange was tough. He abused her through out the marriage. In 1996, Patricia legally divorced him. However, in 2009 Shingange traced Patricia Noah and shot her in the face. Tough he was caught by the police he didn’t serve any sentence.

When was Trevor born?

In the first place, Patricia Noah gave birth to Trevor Noah in the year 1984. Further, his full date of birth is February 20, 1984. Trevor Noah was born in Johannesburg. The name of Trevor father is Robert. He was twice as old as Patricia Noah. Apart from this, Trevor father belonged to German origin. This made Trevor a child of mixed race.

However, the real struggles of Patricia and Trevor began after his birth. The birth of Trevor took place during Apartheid. At that time in South Africa Apartheid was still legally. Mixed race marriages and dating was prohibited. In case of discovery of mixed race marriages, it led to imprisonment. Therefore, Patricia hid Trevor and the fact that she was his mother.

Furthermore, one incident that Patricia and Trevor Noah recalls is inhuman. Patricia had to toss Trevor Noah out of the car just to protect him. She had to pretend that Trevor was not her son just because they defended racism. These incidents left a scare on Patricia and Trevor life.

Where is Patricia now?

At present Patricia Noah resides in Johannesburg. She is a successful business woman. Patricia runs a property business in Johannesburg.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Patricia Noah mother of a famous comedian Trevor Noah. After all struggles in her life, she is still remaining strong and continues to live in Johannesburg.

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