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Noel Miller
Noel Miller was born on August nineteenth, 1989 in Toronto, Canada. Noel Miller’s subscription on his YouTube channel is more than 1 million and he has recorded over 27 million views for his videos.

Noel Miller is a comedian, a famous personality, YouTube’ sensation as well as previous ‘Vine’ superstar. He became famous because of the humorous videos on his ‘Vine’ account, ‘noel miller”, posted by him. Later on, he created his own ‘YouTube’ channel, namely ‘Noel Miller,’ after which he began creating and posting videos on sketch-comedy.

Noel Miller Height, Age, Birthday, Live Wikis

Real Name Noel Miller
Birthday August 19, 1989
Birthplace Canada
Albums Bangers & Ass
Nationality Canadian
Music group Tiny Meat Gang
Profession Canadian stand-up comedian, songwriter, rapper, podcast host, YouTuber, and former software engineer
Dating/Girlfriend Noel Miller Girlfriend Aleena
Age Age of 2020 (age 31 years old)
Net Worth $625,000 dollars
Height 175 cm Feet and Inches – 5′ 9″
Siblings Unknown

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As time passed, the channel prospered, with a lot of his videos obtaining an overwhelming number of views. A few of the best videos on his YouTube channel are “Love Island Ep5-Coupling Up”, “Love Island Ep7-Men are Trash” and “Reading your DMs” Noel Miller likewise teamed up with ‘Vine’ as well as ‘YouTube’ star Cody Ko. He teamed with him and began the comedy and rap duo ‘Tiny Meat Gang’.

The duo also created a single with a comeback of Jake Paul, a ‘YouTube’ star, first single, ‘It’s Everyday Bro.’ Moreover, the duo created a comedy rap EP. Together they also began the ‘Tiny Meat Gang Podcast.’ Noel Miller has extended his presence in social media platforms, namely ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’ accounts, these two accounts share the same username, namely ‘thenoelmiller.’ Noel Miller also displayed his performance with his stand-up comedy, moving from place to place. 

Background Information on Noel Miller 

The birth of Noel Miller took place on 19th August 1989. Many individuals often are sure of his birthplace as some say it is Toronto, Canada, whereas others say it is the US. There aren’t any details regarding his education, early life, and family, and so on other than the fact that he has a college degree. 

Career Development of Noel Miller 

 Noel began creating and posting humorous videos on ‘noel miller’, his ‘Vine’ account, in the year 2014. A lot of his videos on ‘Vine’ like ‘locking it down’, ‘suburban teenagers’, ‘how it feels when your girl go through your phone’, gained a huge number of loops, likes as well as “revines.” He created his own YouTube channel on 28th August 2015.

The debut video of this channel called ‘Colgape Evergreen Ad,’ gained more than 95K views. He continued to sketch his comedy videos and became famous for his content on ‘YouTube’ by gaining numerous views as well as subscribers. Later on, he expanded his presence on social media platforms such as ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’, sharing the exact same username’ thenoelmiller.’ The ‘YouTube’ video ‘READING STEAMY TWEETS – EP 2,’ has been by far the most famous video of his channel by acquiring views over 3.7 million in less than 1 year.

Moreover, Noel teamed up with ‘Vine’ and also ‘YouTube’ star Cody Ko, with whom he began the rap- comedy duo ‘Tiny Meat Gang’ in the year 2017. The duo made a comedy rap EP and began the ‘Tiny Meat Gang Podcast’ during December 2017. He likewise performed several stand up comedy shows by travelling to various places on his own. 

Personal life of Noel Miller 

Currently, Noel Miller happens to be in a relationship with his girlfriend, Aleena, who is seen in a lot of his ‘Instagram’ posts. It seems that they have been hanging out for a long time now; the couple also adopted a dog which is like their child. 

The net worth of Noel Miller 

His net worth is projected as USD 1 million. Sponsorship: The average estimated amount that he charges for advertisement sponsorship on Instagram lies between $993- $1,655 range. 

 YouTube: Based on website source, Noel Miller’s YouTube channel, he receives around $11.1K- $176.9K in just a year. 

In conclusion 

Noel Miller is a comedian, podcast host, YouTuber, and rapper from Canada. His personality is charismatic and has a great sense of humour.