David Guetta Net Worth 2023: Investments, Career, Income

David Guetta

David Guetta net worth is $150 million. The world famous DJ has achieved incredible success in the music industry, selling over 10 million albums and 65 million singles worldwide. Also, he has revolutionized DJ’ing and has been recognized as the top DJ in the world, as voted by the Top 100 DJs poll.

David Guetta has made a remarkable journey from his humble beginnings at the Broad Club in Paris. Through hard work and talent, he has become one of the highest-earning celebrities in the world. His album “One Love” in 2009 catapulted him to mainstream success, contributing to his estimated net worth of $150 Million as of 2023.

David Guetta Net Worth

In 2021, David Guetta’s net worth surged from $100 million to $150 million after forming a partnership with Warner Music. If his dream of performing in space comes true, his net worth is bound to skyrocket even more, increasing exponentially.


David Guetta’s annual salary fluctuates based on the number of shows he performs, but it is estimated that he earns over $30 million every year. This substantial income is a result of his consistent chart-topping albums and successful bookings for live performances. Also, we expect this amount to only grow by several notches in the coming years. Furthermore, David is also invited to various big events to perform, adding to his income stream. 

David Guetta Net Worth


David enjoys travelling and has invested in properties worldwide. Also, he ensures comfortable accommodation during his frequent city-hopping. Furthermore, he maintains a down-to-earth demeanour but indulges in his love for fast cars. Additionally, he is seen driving one of the world’s most expensive vehicles or even filming in an F1 car.

David lives a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking and drinking. However, he has a passion for fashion and adorns himself with stylish Nialaya bracelets. Also, he also favours Christian Louboutin’s trendy sneakers and latest shoe designs. What’s more, we think this is going to increase in the future. 

Early Life

Real Name Pierre David Guetta
Nickname David Guetta
Net Worth $150 million (As of 2023)
Date of Birth  7 December 1967
Age 55 years (As of 2023) 
Birthplace France
Current Residence France
Nationality French
Profession DJ
Martial Status Unmarried
Girlfriend/ Affairs N/A
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Scorpio

Pierre David Guetta, born on 7 November 1967 in Paris, France, was raised by his father, Pierre Guetta, a socialist, and his mother, Monique. Also, growing up with half-siblings from both sides, he developed a passion for music early on, experimenting with vinyl mixing at the age of 13. What’s more, he started making music from an early age. 

By 15, David started visiting various DJs. His biggest inspiration was the American DJ Farley Keith. Moreover, he realized he could do something in this career. You can call it a moment of clarity for himself. By 1988, David was hosting his own club nights. What’s more, he soon became very popular in the local grid and people started hiring him for their own parties. 



Guetta’s first hit single, “Just a Little More Love,” featuring Chris Willis, became a success, selling over 300,000 copies. Also, he released several follow-up singles in 2002, including “Love Don’t Let Me Go,” “People Come People Go,” and “Give Me Something,” which were widely acclaimed. Moreover, he went on to release multiple compilations, starting with “F*ck Me I’m Famous” in 2003.

Also, David released One Love in 2009. Furthermore, this album almost hit Space with its popularity. Furthermore, fans from all across the world loved his style. Additionally, David became a household name. Moreover, we now know him for multiple titles and albums. What’s more, Guetta also toured alongside Rihanna for her latest album. 

David Guetta Relationships

David married nightclub manager Cathy Lobe in 1992. Also, the couple have two children. Furthermore, we have reported that both are now divorced. Moreover, there seem to be no further plans for a relationship. Additionally, let us see what happens. 


1. Why David Guetta famous?

He is famous for his DJ skills. 

2. What is David Guetta’s net worth?

His net worth is $150 million. 

3. Who is David Guetta’s daughter?

His daughter’s name is Angie Guetta. 

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