The Most Famous Roots for the Traveller in Vienna

Places in Vienna

Here we will discuss new rules for visiting famous places in Vienna.

5 Sights to Watch in Vienna

The city of Vienna is a huge tourist destination that attracts thousands of people around the world despite the numerous quarantine restrictions. This article aims to help you to find out more about the best places to visit while touring Vienna — with useful tips for safe traveling. 

To make your trip unforgettable and exciting, rent an apartment in the city — stay in the capital for a few weeks, breathe the city in, dip into its atmosphere. If you’re going to rest here for longer or you’re relocating and plan to buy property in Vienna, this article will help you choose a place with lots of beautiful buildings around. 

Which Places are Worth Visiting in Vienna

There are five Vienna sights every keen traveler knows about. If you have visited them, discover new spaces, meet new people, and fall in love with the unknown parts of the city.  

#1 St. Stephen’s Cathedral 

The most atmospheric gothic building of the city is a great tourist destination in the historic center of Vienna — a majestic, pompous church that fascinates from first sight. Admire the beauty of ancient sculptures and frescoes or climb 343 steps to the Steffl`s (that’s how locals gently derive the name of Saint Stephen, the patron of a church) Watch Room to find the best view of the city. Explore subterranean areas, too — but be careful and don’t get lost traipsing the catacombs. 

#2 Spanish Riding School 

Have you ever wanted to feel like a character from a Disney movie — ride the noble white horse, dance through the royal ballroom, hold hands with a charming prince or princess? The horseriding part can come true in Spanish Riding School. Take personal or group riding lessons, see an incredible horse breed called Lipizzaner, and admire the greatness of Emperor Charles VI’s riding hall that was constructed and designed by Josef Emanuel Fischer. It looks like a classy ballroom of an ancient castle, painted in white and decorated with crystal chandeliers, so that element of a Disney-based fantasy is here, too. (People who look like royalty, though, you meet in clubs like Chelsea and Flex or Vienna State Opera.) 

#3 Schonbrunn Palace 

One of the most recognizable Vienna buildings is Schonbrunn Palace: you’ve probably seen it on postcards, movie scenes, and famous arts. As a UNESCO Heritage site, the monument represents the cultural and architectural development of the country through 700 years of history. Sophisticated halls, mysterious passageways, and numerous art pieces will bring you to the past, revealing the greatest secrets of the city. Visit the famous Privy Gardens, Orangery, and Zoo to feel the atmosphere of the 18th century and know more about the history of a royal family. 

#4 Belvedere Museum 

According to Forbes, the Belvedere Museum should be an essential part of every trip to Vienna. Here, people enjoy the works of the greatest artists of Europe, photography collections, and other cultural exhibitions. Don’t lose your chance to see Kiss by Gustav Klimt, Napoleon on the Great St. Bernard by Oberes Belvedere, and other famous art pieces in real life. 

#5 The Hofburg

The Major Imperial Palace of Vienna attracts tourists with its numerous wings, halls, libraries, and magnificent royal quarters that belonged to the royal family. Palace is the current residence of the Austrian President — it hosts political meetings quite often. There is also a Sisi Museum that brings the visitors closer to Austrian Empress Elisabeth and an exhibition of the Silver Collection that presents tourists with dining habits and the finest cutlery and porcelain of the Habsburgs. 

Conditions for the Travelling Nowadays

If you are a citizen of the European Union, you won’t need a visa to enter the country — a valid passport or ID card will be enough to cross the border of Austria. For other countries, take a look at the visa requirements. Due to the coronavirus regulations, you need to prove that you are fully vaccinated (with AstraZeneca, BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna, Sinopharm, or Sinovac) or provide a negative COVID test. Alternatively, provide a document that you have already recovered from the COVID — then, you can travel while being vaccinated with the first vaccine dose only.

Tips for Renting the Place in Vienna

If you visit the city of Vienna for the first time, choose the apartments next to the center. You will be surrounded by all the tourist places, it’ll be impossible to get lost with lots of locals around, and the advanced infrastructure will suit all your needs. Consider apartments near the Innere Stadt, the first district of the capital, historical and administrative center of the city. Comfortable apartments and luxurious houses for staying on a business trip are also available downtown. 

If you want to discover new places, stay in the distant city districts and plug in the everyday local life. Enjoy the national cuisine with no tourist taxes, have fun in clubs and bars, meet new people and or maybe work on your German or Hungarian. Rent a modern flat near the river in the Donaustadt district or a townhouse in Floridsdorf (it has amazing wine stores). 


There are a lot of wonderful places in Vienna — and to enjoy them, one must stay healthy. Renting a property for traveling is the best option for staying safe: you won’t interact with other tourists as you’d do in hotels and hostels, it is also more comfortable and secure. Be mindful of your health, travel responsibly, and don’t endanger those who are close to you.