Top 12 Medical Alert Systems To Secure Your Parents Health

Medical Alert Systems

These are the top 12 medical alert systems in the world. A medical alert system provides unlimited support anytime and anywhere. It’s crucial for falls or emergencies when you’re alone. With various options available, we’ve tested and compared the best systems to keep you safe at home and independent, giving you more time with loved ones. The CDC reports that millions of people aged 65+ fall yearly, with 800,000 hospitalized for injuries. Falling once doubles the risk of falling again. Keeping your independence as you age is essential. Having a reliable and quick way to get help when needed is crucial.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian has been in business for 16 years, with over 300,000 users. Their medical alert systems provide 24/7 monitoring at home and on the go, connecting to landlines, WiFi, and cellular networks. Chris McDermott, a nurse, says their multiple connectivity options are advantageous, especially when traveling to areas with limited coverage. Also, they offer monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions, with optional add-ons like fall detection at an extra cost. No long-term contracts are required, and the initial fee includes equipment price. Also, it is highly effective. 

Medical Alert

ADT Health serves six million users and offers three service tiers with flexible payment options and a price lock guarantee. They have US-based control centers and provide extra services like home temperature monitoring and 24/7 support. Trained specialists help in emergencies, contacting and sending help while keeping family updated. Nurse Helen Anderson shares how ADT’s temperature detection alerted them to a senior’s hot home, preventing further issues. The system’s fall detection and temperature features cover various risks for older adults living alone. Also, it is a very effective warning system. The services are really good. 

Medical Guardian
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ADT Health

MobileHelp offers in-home and on-the-go medical alert systems, or a bundle of both. They suit seniors who stay home or are active outside. Their devices have add-ons like MD Live for telehealthcare with video calls to doctors. Nurse John Buchanan shares how a MobileHelp system helped a Spanish-speaking woman who fell. The monitoring representative translated her condition, leading to proper medical attention. You can try their service for 30 days without signing a contract or paying equipment fees for six of their products. Also, they offer a variety of services to the customer. It offers a great value for your money. 


One Call Alert offers budget-friendly at-home and portable devices that are easy to set up. Their Mobile Double plan includes two on-the-go devices for the price of one ($44.95/month). The mobile devices have GPS tracking and two-way communication, and you can add services like medication reminders and fall detection for extra fees. Moreover, no long-term contracts or upfront costs are required, and some plans include free shipping and a lockbox. Furthermore, their home base units have backup batteries for power outages, and their emergency response centers are available 24/7 from multiple US locations. Also, setting up the device was simple, and we appreciated the option to test it without extra fees.

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Life Alert

Life Alert is well-known for its TV ad “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” They’ve been providing at-home and remote monitoring since the 1980s. Their customer service helps you install and use the system effectively. Furthermore, they offer one package with an in-home base station, pendant button, on-the-go HELP button, and waterproof shower button. The service comes with a price lock guarantee, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty. However, you must sign a three-year contract and pay a $200 activation fee. Also, it offers value for your money. 


UnaliWear’s Kanega Watch is like a smartwatch, connecting through cellular and WiFi. Moreover, it has 24/7 monitoring, fall detection, GPS tracking, and medication reminders. It’s a bit pricey but simple to set up. Furthermore, their emergency response center is Five Diamond certified, available 24/7 with access to your medical information for better assistance. The Kanega Watch is waterproof with four rechargeable batteries, so you can wear it all the time. Also, you can activate it with a button or voice command, and it has fall detection. GPS tracking helps responders find you when you need help.


LifeFone has been around for 50 years. Their packages start at $29.95 with an additional $5/month for fall detection. Moreover, the initial price covers the equipment. They have at-home units connecting to landlines with a 1,300-foot range. Furthermore, they also sell on-the-go pendants with cellular options and a caregiver app to track users’ steps, location, and battery. LifeFone offers price lock, 30-day money-back, and lifetime guarantees. Also, their referral program rewards you with a free month for each new customer you refer. A classic system is a safe choice, we might say. 

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Lively is great for active seniors who are often outside. They offer devices like flip phones, smartphones, and wearables with cellular and WiFi options. You can use their services on Apple Watch or Alexa. The gadgets have large screens, strong speakers, and voice typing, perfect for seniors. No long-term contracts, and pricing depends on your service. Also, the services offered are really useful in the long run. You get a lot of features packed into one. Imagine a system that you can take everywhere around with you. It is really helpful and comes handy in all situations. It is also very effective.


Medical Alert provides two options: an in-home system with a base unit and a waterproof help button worn on the neck or wrist, and an on-the-go option with GPS and a help button for more mobility. They offer a free mobile app that connects you directly to customer support, pinpointing your location and checking device battery status. With no upfront fees or setup charges, their industry-leading response times and 24/7 monitoring by trained response coordinators make them reliable. Additionally, you can choose a bundled option, integrating both systems into one device for simplicity and convenience in setting up and using their services.


Lifeline is one of the best medical alert systems in the world. It has operators in Canada and USA. Also, it maintains a very cooperative and friendly staff that is always ready to solve your problems. Lifeline cares for the users a lot. Also, they will do their best to ensure that they get the best of services. However, you will have to pay their fees up front. They are pretty honest in this regard. The fees are $29.95 per month. What’s more, you get the best algorithm detection in the world for early warnings. As you can see, quite affordable.

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The WellBe system is a great medical alert option that does more than just connect to emergency help. The smartwatch is waterproof, has a heart rate monitor, and tracks steps. It also has GPS and Wi-Fi tracking. While it lacks fall detection, it allows hands-free calling to contacts. This is a really useful feature for the people who suffer from threatening diseases. Imagine being able to call caregivers anywhere, anytime. It will help your relatives with special needs who are not able to call you for some reason. Also, it is indeed value for money. 

Aloe Care Health

The Aloe Care Health system is more than just an alert system. It has a smart hub with an emergency call button. You can use it whenever you feel sick or need help. The hub also monitors your surroundings and you can ask for a wellness check anytime. It’s a really useful service that will give your family peace of mind. It is really useful. You will find it to your interest. Your caregivers will get some relief. So will you. So, you can invest in the system today. We recommend it.  Visit the website today and get some good deals. You deserve it for yourself. Who knows, you might also find some really good deals. 

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