Making a Success Of Separation: A Compassionate Guide


Millions of marriage or partnership unions end in separation and divorce. This is a fact of life, whether those unions were forged five years ago or fifty years ago. And they’re painful experiences that are made all the more traumatic by the intense feelings, the shared possessions, and even the shared family that you have in common with your spouse or partner. But there are ways to make a success of your separation and to avoid unnecessary conflict during your divorce, and this article outlines some of the ways in which you’ll get there. 

Avoiding Escalation 

When a romantic union is broken apart, feelings run incredibly high. Small comments could prove incendiary, and arguments may come to dominate your domestic life. If you have children with your partner, these arguments can be especially harmful – influencing their mental wellbeing as well as your own. So it’s important that you do everything possible to avoid escalation and to walk away from potential arguments. If you feel emotional because of a conversation with your ex-partner, be willing to let them know and find space. That’s far better than to engage in an argument that will only make your reconciliation and eventual separation messier. 

Find Excellent Lawyers

The quality of the lawyers you hire to help you through the process of divorce or separation will help you to secure what you feel you are due from your partnership while avoiding conflict and pain. Lawyers with experience handling separations, such as those based in the CT Mediation Center, LLC, will approach your case with compassion and understanding, having dealt with many cases similar to yours in the past. Their support, and the listening ears they lend, will help you to form a sound and reasonable legal case that you’ll bring to your ex-partner to resolve ongoing issues with your divorce. Once the divorce process is over, you can start thinking about legally changing your last name back to your maiden name. 

Emotional Support

Even if your separation came as some relief, you’ll still be feeling all at sea in the wake of a separation. That’s especially true for individuals who have been with their partner for some years and have therefore grown incredibly accustomed to having them around. Here’s where the help and support of family and friends is paramount to your emotional recovery. Try not to shut anyone out – instead, be open and vulnerable in order for your concerns and quibbles to be heard, understood, and soothed by those closest to you. 

Make Compromises

Some divorces drag on for years, as both sides of the partnership stubbornly hold onto what they believe they are due from their relationship. These years of conflict and uncertainty can be damaging for you and the rest of your family and could lead to far more harm than if you’d simply held out the olive branch in the initial months of your divorce, looking for compromises. Getting your separation done and dusted can help you build a new life sooner, perhaps meeting someone else with whom you may eventually wish to marry. 

Take note of these tips to help you find success in your separation, avoiding conflict and trauma wherever possible.