5 Helpful Home Exterior Cleaning Tips

5 Helpful Home Exterior Cleaning Tips

Is it time to clean the outside of your home?

Let’s face it: you pay a lot of attention to the interior of your home. You want things to be shiny and clean (or at least presentable), and you know the importance of a good vacuuming session.

But what about the outside? When was the last time you’ve done a good home exterior cleaning? 

Are you looking at the dirt on your siding? The walkway that was once another color? We get it. Keep reading to learn all about how to clean the exterior of your home. 

1. Plan It Out

Before you start, take a walk around your home. Bring a friend with you if you’re worried that you’ve gone blind to some of the grime that you’ve become accustomed to. 

Take note of anything that needs immediate attention. Is there some serious buildup around your foundation? Are there scuff marks on your walls? 

Create a game plan that focuses on the more pressing issues first. 

2. Get Those Gutters

This is the easy part. Cleaning out the gutters is a quick task that makes a big difference, and it’s also important when it comes to protecting your home. 

Cleaning out the gutters can prevent leaks and other damage. You’ll be shocked at what you find up there if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned. 

3. Pressure Wash The Walls and Driveway

When it comes to power washing, start with the biggest task. You want to wash your house and any pavement that’s there and make them sparkle. 

Be careful when you’re going around windows (and make sure they’re closed!).

A good power washer will get a pretty good distance but test out your washer on a single space first to see what works best for you. 

4. Don’t Forget Your Furniture

Power washing furniture is satisfying. You don’t notice the amount of buildup that accumulates on your outdoor furniture until you wash it off. Who knew that your chairs were actually white instead of grey? 

Not everything will stand up to power washing, so make sure that you check on the materials before you get started. Leave your furniture in the sun to dry. 

5. Hire a Professional 

Does all of this sound complicated and time-consuming? Do you not own a power washer at all? 

There’s no shame in hiring someone else for the job. A power washing service will make your life easier, and you could even take a peek at what the professional is doing so you can emulate it next time. 

It’s Time for Your Home Exterior Cleaning Session

Are you ready for a home with great curb appeal? Start planning for your home exterior cleaning session.

Whether you’re planning to DIY it or you’re hiring a professional for the job, you deserve a clean home with walls that are actually the color that they’re intended to be. 

Include your home exterior in your next spring cleaning session. 

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