Cannabis Vapes: What are They and What Do They Do?

Cannabis Vapes

Vaping is considered a safer method of consuming cannabis. It does not involve combustion of the product to produce smoke. The user uses a vape pen to heat the product and turn it into vapor which he inhales directly into the lungs. 

Vaping produces a lasting effect felt within a few minutes after inhaling. There are different types of vaporizers available in the market. They are divided into two main categories. Prefilled vaporizers and those that users fill themselves. 

What are vaporizers?

Vape pens THC are devices that allow users to turn cannabis into vapor and inhale it. To vaporize means to heat cannabis below the ordinary combustion temperature. The ideal combustion temperature for cannabis is 4510 F. To avoid combustion, it is heated at 3920 F. 

Researchers have proved that vaporizing cannabis provides users with up to 80% effectiveness. The common types of vaporizers in the market are tabletop and portable vaporizers. Regardless of the type, they contain a battery to supply heating power, a heating component, an oven, and a mouthpiece. 

Vape battery life is crucial for uninterrupted enjoyment. The Geek Vape Z Series Replacement Coils (5PCS) can extend your battery’s lifespan by operating efficiently at lower wattages, providing longer vaping sessions, and reducing the need for frequent recharges. This combination ensures a more convenient and satisfying vaping experience.

To heat cannabis products, vaporizers use conductive heating or convectional heating. In conduction, the products are vaporized by heating the oven. The product gets into direct contact with the heating source. Due to direct contact with heat, the product vaporizes fast.  

The vapor travels through the mouthpiece and is inhaled into the lungs. In convection, vaporizing is done by transferring heat through air. Heating does not occur directly, and it never comes into contact with the product. Conventional heating might take longer than conduction. 

Portable vaporizers are fitted with a battery and are easy to carry. The battery can last for up to 90 minutes and is rechargeable. Desktop vaporizers are bigger and require external power. They are plugged into the wall to vaporize cannabis. Vape pens use conduction to heat cannabis. Its heating element is called an atomizer. It can either be a metal plate, wick, or ceramic coil. 

How weed vapor is absorbed into the body

When you inhale weed vapor, the chemical (either CBD or THC) goes directly into your lungs. From there, it is absorbed into your bloodstream and delivered to the brain. It takes about two minutes for the chemical to enter your bloodstream and reach the brain. 

The effect is felt within 10 minutes after inhalation. It does not leave any chemical deposits in the lungs, which is why it is considered safer. Mainly, solvents used in vapes are concentrates or dried cannabis. More information about cannabis vapes and flowers is available at our website and specifically about the California strains.

Types of vape pens in the market

Vape pens are easier to carry, and they are cost-effective. They look stylish to use and are easily concealable. There are different types of vape pens available in the market. You do not need a different vape pen to vaporize oils, waxes, or flowers. 

Herb vaporizers: They are used to vaporize dried flowers and cost more than other types of vape pens. In terms of size, they are larger than the ordinary size of vape pens. They hold a higher quantity of flowers and are highly portable. 

Cartridge vaporizers: Cartridge vaporizers can either be made of glass, plastic, or metal. They are not reusable and they are designed like a pen. They can fit with most types of prefilled cartridges. The pens are low-cost and easy to maintain. The cartridges are mostly filled with cannabis oil or wax. 

Concentrate vaporizers: Concentrate vaporizers are designed similarly to cartridge vaporizers. Their main difference is that they are not prefilled. Users fill the cartridge themselves and then connect it to power to vaporize the product. They are a preferred choice for vaporizing concentrates. Sometimes users require thinning juice to thin the concentrate. Its parts can easily be dismantled and fixed back. The pens are reusable which makes them cost-effective. 


Cannabis vape devices are used to heat cannabis oil, wax, or flowers without combusting them. Its main components are the cartridge, battery, and mouthpiece. They provide a solution for consuming weed by inhalation. Vape pens are cost-effective and easy to carry. 

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