Members Of Cobra Kai Cast Said That Working Wit Ralph Macchio Was A Bit Weird: Find Out More About The Story

Cobra Kai Cast

The Cobra Kai series has attained quite a bit of fame in recent times. So, as we are already aware, this series is the continuation of the Karate Kid movie franchise. The Cobra Kai cast includes names such as Ralph Macchio, Jacob Bertrand, Martin Kove, Peyton List, and more.

Cobra Kai Cast
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So, the show focuses on the character and lives of Daniel La Russo ( Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence ( William Billy). Moreover, we see a lot of other teenagers in the show as well. Two of them are the ruthless Cobra Kai Students Eli and the martial arts student Miguel Diaz.

So, the series has become quite famous due to the fact that it’s a continuation of the Karate Kid franchise. Despite the fact that it’s a continuation, it has also earned fame due to its own right. In other words, the Cobra Kai cast has done a fabulous job to bring the characters alive on screen. So, if you are planning to watch the series then we can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.

However, what’s interesting is that 2 members of the cast have expressed their views on Ralph. According to them, working with Ralph was a bit weird. So, what’s it all about you say? If you want to know more about it, then it’s time to go through this article and get everything that you need to know.

Xolo Marideuna & Jacob Bertrand Expressed Their Views Of Working With The Original Karate Kid Cast

Xolo and Jacob’s interview during the 3rd season of the show’s behind the scenes has certainly become viral. So, Bertrand and Mariduela have briefly spoken about working with the original cast members of the critically acclaimed Karate Kid. According to Xolo, working with the original cast members was like kind of a surreal feeling for him.

It’s because the Karate Kid franchise has had a cultural impact for like 40 years or so. Moreover, the 19-year-old Xolo has also expressed his views on Ralph. He said that working and befriending Ralph Macchio and William Zabka was an unusual experience for him.

He said, “To just be a small part of that continuation of that story is just super surreal because you know… Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka and all these characters, had such a large role in a lot of people growing up…” Furthermore, the actor also mentioned that getting to work with those people and calling them their friends was quite weird in one sense. However, he did say that it was a blessing for him to share a screen with those legendary actors. In his words, it was ‘awesome’.

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On the other hand, Bertrand also opined that it was weird to have Macchio as a co-star. So, he said that sometimes Ralph would just come up to him and talk and they would hang out laughing.

He also added, “I’ll look at him and be like ‘wow Ralph Macchio is laughing in front of me’. Even though it was a bit weird and overwhelming for them to share the stage with Ralph, it was a sound experience for the young cobra kai cast, as we can tell.

Ralph & William’s Views On Their Younger Cast Of Cobra Kai

Needless to say, both Ralph and William had a lot of positives to say about the younger cobra kai cast. Working alongside the little cast and speaking to them about acting was refreshing.

Ralph also explained that his children Julia and Daniel were just a little older than the kids in the show. Therefore, he sort of lived as a parent and also as a mentor. To him, it felt natural. Similarly, William also had the same sort of experience. According to him, the Cobra kai cast was amazing. They were super-exicted to be there, and they were so easy to work with.”

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