Gifts That Are Perfect for Couples in Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are really challenging to handle. The pains of couples that live faraway places know the pain of bearing these distances. When you live far from your love then gifts are the only way to make them feel that you are always by their side. It becomes more difficult at the time of birthdays and holidays. As we miss them the most when these days are around, we miss all the old memories with them. And it’s really hard to prop up with the feelings that you are not there when they are cutting their birthday cake, celebrating Christmas, or any other occasion. How could someone carry the weight of their emotions at this time? Surely no one. But still for making them feel your presence around them especially on some special occasions are quite needed. And gifts are the best option for conveying your feelings and emotions to someone. 

Well, we know it’s really hard to choose a perfect present for the special one of your life right? Yeah, we know that the struggle is real. But don’t worry as you landed on the right page and here you will definitely find something perfect for your partner.

So let’s get started!

Burlap print 

This handmade long distance burlap print is perfect for your lovely partner. Burlap print is customized with a sweet quote and the initials of your names are also engraved on it. The map of distance between you and your love, behind the quote, make it more heartwarming for your love. Every time when they see this in their bedroom or hall, for sure they will see your love and keep this treasure for years. 

Matching lamp 

A matching lamp is the best option for feeling the connection between you and your love from faraway places. This lamp will light up in the same color when your partner touches it. How satisfying is this sound? The lighting up of this lamp in different colors shows that your partner is missing you. This may pinch your pocket a little bit but it is worth the smile and feeling of love. 

Personalised phone case

If you have a partner who loves to text or use their cell phone, there are a few options that can make for an uplifting and meaningful gift. For those in long-distance relationships, a phone case makes an excellent gift. This type of gift offers convenience and protection. Consider giving them a case that shows off their individuality and personality. If you want to surprise your loved one with a thoughtful and romantic gift, then a Personalised phone case is the perfect option.

Dual zone watch 

Practical and thoughtful gifts are also required when you are living miles away from your love. This dual zone watch is set with the time zone of both of you. Now you don’t have to hustle! In calculating the time difference between the zones. No setup is required in this watch; you just have to flaunt with it. This will also send a reminder of your love to the partner in another place.

Couple scrapbook

Nothing is better than clubbing the memories in one place; everyone loves to go through their old memories one by one. And you can make this happen by creating a scrapbook for your love. For making it more meaningful, customize the front with some beautiful quotes or any other special saying for your love. Add a little more emotion to it, by ordering the same scrapbook styled cake at their address with the help of an online cake delivery provider of that zone. 

Pillow cover

The pain of being away from your honey pie is really hard, and especially when you really want to hold them in your arms. You can’t hug them from distant places, but at least you can make them feel your hug with this beautiful pillow cover. This pillow cover is printed with the saying that “hug this pillow until you can hug me”. Trust us; they will feel you around all the time when they cuddle with that pillow. 

So, these are some on the go gift ideas that are perfect for long distance relationships. You can definitely find here something for your mate; just keep in mind that you have to present it to them with heart.