A List of The Last of Us Easter Eggs for Fans


Here is a list of The Last of Us Easter Eggs for fans of the series. The Last Of Us is a unique and refreshing TV show. It’s not like the usual sequels or spinoffs we see these days. Although it’s based on a popular video game, it has its own originality. The show cleverly includes Easter Eggs and references to entertain the viewers. It’s a fun and enjoyable experience. Also, you might find something from the game that you absolutely like. It is one of the best series in recent memory. 

Same T-Shirt

In the first episode of The Last Of Us, Sarah wears a t-shirt with the logo of a fictional band called Halican Drops. It’s a cool detail because it matches her age and style. But it’s also a nod to the video game. In the game, Sarah’s shirt has a list of tour dates on the back, and those places are the same ones the main characters will visit in the game.

Bloater Attack

Episode 5 of The Last Of Us gets chaotic when a horde of infected monsters attacks. During the chaos, a powerful zombie called a ‘bloater’ appears, which is a direct reference to the games. The bloater grabs Perry and brutally tears him apart with its jaws, just like how bloaters kill in the games. Bloaters are the most dangerous and advanced type of infected, so it’s best to stay away from them.

Jason Ritter

In the intense battle with the bloater, colony leader Kathleen, played by Melanie Lynskey, gets overwhelmed by clickers. Interestingly, one of the clickers was portrayed by Jason Ritter, who is actually Melanie Lynskey’s real-life husband. It’s a fun fact and must have been a great experience for the couple to work together in the show.

Same T-Shirt

The Daycare Children

In Episode 5, there’s a scary scene where Ellie is trapped in a car with a clicker. If you pay attention, you’ll see that the clicker is actually a child wearing a “Blue’s Clues” shirt. This child is one of the kids from the underground daycare that Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam encountered earlier in the episode. It’s a clever detail that connects different parts of the story.

Backseat Driving

If you know The Last of Us games or play games often, you might have noticed a cool Easter Egg. In the first episode, when Joel, Sarah, and Tommy are driving away in a car, the camera angle from the backseat gives us the same view as in the video game. It’s a fun nod to the game and makes you feel like you’re part of the action. Also, this is quite good. 

Google Easter Egg

Here’s a fun fact that’s not really a hidden surprise in the show or game, but it’s still entertaining. When you search for keywords like “The Last of Us,” “Cordyceps Fungus,” or “Cordyceps” on Google, you’ll see a mushroom at the bottom of your screen. Click on it for some extra fun! Also, it makes you feel like you have released spores into the world.

Backseat Driving

Never Let me Down

In the final part of Episode 1, Joel and Tess leave an empty apartment. What’s interesting is the song playing on their radio, which is “Never Let Me Down Again” by Depeche Mode. This song came out in 1987. Also, it is a very good nod to the original game. Remember, the world is stuck in 2003. 


In Joel’s apartment, Ellie looks through a book about Billboard Number 1 Hits. Inside the book, there are scribblings that say “B/F” above the list of music from different decades and their signals. It’s a small reference to Bill and Frank, two characters in the game. Also, that was one really  refreshing romance in the game.

Flour and Sugar

In Episode 3, Joel explains to Ellie that the outbreak began from common ingredients like flour or sugar, which can be found in bread, cereal, and pancake mix. This connects to Episode 1 when Sarah refused to eat cookies and couldn’t find pancake mix at home. Joel jokingly mentioned being on the “Atkins Diet,” which avoids flour and grains. Thankfully, Joel and Sarah’s avoidance of flour and sugar saved them from being infected initially.

Flour and Sugar

Playing Arcade Games

In post-apocalyptic dramas, it’s clever to see references to everyday life that hint at the world before the disaster. The Last Of Us does this brilliantly, like when Ellie finds a ‘Mortal Kombat 2’ arcade game. It’s out of place in a zombie-filled world but a nice nod to ‘The Last Of Us: Left Behind’ game add-on. In the show, Ellie mentions a friend who knows ‘Mortal Kombat 2’, which refers to her friend Riley. However, in the game, the referenced game is ‘The Turning’ instead of ‘Mortal Kombat’. What’s more, we all loved playing the game in childhood. 

The Lighter

Although The Last Of Us is its own separate story, there are some hints that it exists in the same world as the Uncharted video games, both created by the same developer. In Episode 2, there’s a fun reference to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Tess uses a lighter that looks just like the one used by Sam Drake in the game. Also, this is a nice nod to the game, which is also pretty famous. 

The Original Artists

If you’ve played the games, you might recognize the eerie sounds of the clickers in Episode 2 of the show. Misty Lee and Phillip Kovats, who did the voice acting for the clickers in the original game, also played these two clickers in the show. Also, this is a really good tribute for the people who worked on the original show. 

The Lighter

Bill’s Gas Mask

In the show, The Last Of Us, the fungal infection spreads through contact instead of airborne spores like in the game. However, in one scene, Bill is seen wearing an old gas mask, which is a reference to the importance of gas masks in the game. It could also be a subtle tribute by showrunner Craig Mazin to his miniseries Chernobyl, where gas masks were also significant.

Title Screen Window

In Episode 3 of The Last Of Us, the story of Bill and Frank unfolds, and it concludes with a sad scene involving an open window. The purpose of leaving the window open is to prevent the smell of their dead bodies from lingering inside the house. Additionally, the creators of the episode have mentioned that the visual of the open window is a deliberate reference to a similar shot used as the title screen in the original video game.

Cheeky Clicker

In Episode 1 of The Last Of Us, if you pay close attention or pause the screen, you can spot a clicker on the roof of a building. It’s a small and playful Easter Egg that might bring a smile to your face. Also, you have to squint really close to see this one. 

Title Screen Window

Ashley Johnson’s Cameo

In The Last of Us, Ashley Johnson, the original voice of Ellie in the games, makes a special appearance. It’s interesting because Johnson portrays her own character’s mother. In Episode 9, there’s a flashback where Johnson’s character, Anna, is trying to find safety and give birth to Ellie. It may seem strange, but it’s a nice connection that suggests Johnson brought the character to life.

Superhero Mask

In Episode 5 of The Last of Us, Sam wears a pretend orange superhero mask, which is a heartwarming moment that shows the innocence of children in the midst of the horror. There’s a clever visual reference when Sam’s older brother Henry looks through a window, and the reflection makes it appear as if he’s wearing the same mask. It’s a sweet way to show how Sam sees his brother as a superhero.

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