A List of Joker Facts That You Will Blow Your Mind Most Likely

Joker facts

Here is a list of Joker Facts that we have compiled for you. We all know him. We all love to hate him. He is often called the greatest villain of all time. His schemes are extremely diabolical, his back story not too healthy. And what’s more, even Batman is baffled by his schemes from time to time. Let us discuss a few facts about our resident psychopath who also happens to be a genius. We guarantee you, you will never look at him the same again. 

Unclear Origins

While the precise origin of The Joker remains uncertain, the widely accepted version comes from Alan Moore’s semi-canon work, The Killing Joke. In this story, a criminal known as “The Red Hood” has a fateful encounter with Batman at an ACE Chemicals facility. He either falls or intentionally plunges into a chemical mixture to escape, resulting in his skin becoming bleached and his descent into madness. However, the movie Joker slightly deviates from this by suggesting that the character was inherently insane from the beginning.

Heath Ledger and Others Took on Method Acting

It is a well-known story in Hollywood that Heath Ledger, in preparation for his role as The Joker, secluded himself in a hotel for a month. He wore the character’s makeup constantly and reportedly sought advice from Jack Nicholson, who had played the role previously. This approach seemed to have influenced other actors, such as Jared Leto, who went to extreme lengths like sending dead rats to the cast of Suicide Squad. Warner Bros. even hired a therapist during filming to ensure everyone’s mental well-being. Joaquin Phoenix, for his part, underwent a rigorous diet and lost 52 pounds to portray the character. These fascinating behind-the-scenes details are truly captivating, aren’t they?

Unclear Origins

Jack or Arthur

Officially, there is no information available about The Joker’s real name or his past identity. However, one name that has been frequently associated with him is Jack Napier. This name was first introduced as an alias for The Joker in the 1989 Batman movie and has been used in other adaptations, including the Batman: White Knight series. In the recent Joker movie, the character is referred to as “Arthur Fleck,” although this name had not been previously mentioned.

Smile was in a Silent Movie

The origin of The Joker’s iconic smile is a subject of debate. However, it is widely believed that the inspiration for the Joker’s smile came from Conrad Veidt’s performance in the 1928 silent film, The Man Who Laughs. In the film, the character had a permanent grin but was actually a kind-hearted person. It’s possible that this portrayal may have influenced the creation of Joker venom in the comics.

The Joker Died

Here’s an unexpected piece of Joker trivia! When the character was first introduced in the 1940s, he was originally intended to be a one-time appearance and die off. However, due to his immense popularity, the Joker managed to survive and has remained a prominent figure in DC comics ever since. It seems that death is not much of an obstacle when you’re a character in a comic book.

Smile was in a Silent Movie

Gaggly the Clown

In the 1940s, the Joker had his first sidekick named Gagsworth A. Gagsworthy, also known as Gaggy the Clown. Gaggy was a small tightrope walker who caught the Joker’s attention when he became angry after The Flying Graysons replaced him. Gaggy has made occasional appearances over the years, and it hasn’t been good for Harley Quinn. Also there is an easter egg about him in the new Joker movie. 

Immune to Toxins

It is unclear whether it was due to falling into a vat of unknown chemicals or his inherent madness, but The Joker possesses various immunities to chemicals. Scarecrow’s fear toxin, which causes most people to panic, has no effect on him. Red Skull’s dust of death also fails to affect him. In the Arkham series, when he injected himself with Titan, he gained all the benefits without experiencing any drawbacks because he was already mentally unstable.

Gaggly the Clown

The Joker has Standards

It may sound crazy, but there are moments when The Joker shows some standards. One notable instance was in the 1997 crossover Batman & Captain America, where he formed an alliance with Red Skull. However, towards the end, The Joker learned that Skull was a WWII Nazi and betrayed him, engaging in a fight. Despite being a criminal lunatic, at least he was an “American criminal lunatic.”

Ryan Gosling Almost Got the Role

Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker wasn’t the ace we thought it would be. However, he wasn’t Warner Bros’ initial choice for the role. Rumor has it that Ryan Gosling was the studio’s first pick, but he declined due to concerns about a multi-movie contract. It’s hard to say how that would have turned out. Similarly, before his own successful portrayal, Heath Ledger wasn’t initially seen as a suitable choice for the role of an unstable maniac.

Heath Ledger Almost Did Not

It’s hard to believe, but when it came to casting The Joker, nobody thought Heath Ledger was a suitable choice. People knew him as a handsome heartthrob for most of his career, which made it difficult to envision him in such a role. However, Christopher Nolan, the director, had a different perspective. Ledger was actually his top choice for the role, and after some persuasion, Ledger accepted it. It’s not often that you get your first choice for the lead villain.

Ryan Gosling Almost Got the Role

Too Much Insanity

In the graphic novel Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, Grant Morrison proposes a fascinating theory that challenges the common perception of The Joker’s instability. According to Morrison, The Joker may actually possess a heightened level of awareness, leading to a state of apathy where he no longer values anything. This idea suggests that his extreme cunning and ability for complex planning stem from this unique perspective. It’s an intriguing notion to consider, as it implies that The Joker’s detachment from reality is a deliberate choice rather than a result of insanity.

Obsessed with Batman

The Joker has only one worthy foe. And it is Batman. We saw this coming from a long mile away. And what’s more, the Joker simply loves to play with Batman. He leaves clues and hints about his next crime. Then he expects Batman to rise to the occasion and save the day. All this shows something more than hatred and rivalry for the caped crusader. We can only hope it stretches on for some more time. The rivalry makes for some interesting arcs. 

An Improvised Scene

Remember the explosion scenes? Yes, one of the scenes was pure improvisation on part of Heath Ledger. Apparently, a prop malfunctioned pretty badly. But Heath made it look very Joker-like. He jumped up and down, then hit the detonator rapidly. What resulted was a brilliant spot of method acting and another iconic scene to remember. Heath Ledger will always remain a legend for this. 

Obsessed with Batman

Batman’s Mirror

Like we said, there is more to the Joker than pure chaos. He has been going steady for the last eighty years. How did you think the makers achieved this? They made him the dark side of Batman. Everything the hero represents, the Joker represents the exact opposite of. One stands for justice and balance. The other promotes chaos and anarchy. One has mastered his emotions. The other is batshit crazy. And no, we do not intend any pun. 

Wasn’t Always a Killer

He was not always a killer clown. The Comics Code Authority once had strict guidelines on what was moral and what was not. The Joker could not maim or murder like he did later. This was an addition that came on much later. It does make for some interesting moments though. 

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