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James bond movies

There’s no reason to disbelieve that the charm of James Bond is just on another level. There have several James Bond movies made and every one of them delivers the charismatic and adventurous James Bond. According to the reports, there are a total of  26 James Bond films yet. So, if you have watched them all, then surely would also agree on the impact those films have had on the theatre. Moreover, the debate over the best 007 films is never over. 

That’s why, to honor 007 films and the adventurous, we have made this list of the best James Bond films to watch. So, now’s the time to go through this article and find out what James Bond films to watch, if you haven’t already watched all 26. 

Here’s A List Of The Best James Bond Films

So, if you are reading this article to know about the best James Bond movies existing, then it’s time to find out the answer. Many actors have played the role of the heart throbbing James Bond on the big screen and every one of them has left their own signature. So, without wasting any time, it’s time to check out the best films featuring 007. 

1. The GoldenEye (1995)

The GoldenEye

The GoldenEye is one of the best James Bond films to exist as of now. In fact, it’s worth noting that Pierce Brosnan’s version of James Bond is one of the fan favorites. He has done everything right in this film – from exciting stuns to fights and complex themes – everything has been on point. Furthermore,  many actors have performed really well in this movie. Of course, The Golden Eye has one of the greatest plots that has elevated the James Bond franchise to a whole new level. 

2. A View To Kill (1985)

A View To Kill

So, it’s worth noting that A View To Kill is the last James Bond film by Roger Moore. The actor was around 57 years old at that time and for the last time, he wore the 007’s suit. So, the highlight of this film was the satisfying story and the thrilling moments. In addition, A View to Kill also provided Roger Moore’s James Bond with a perfect ending. 

3. Moonraker (1979)


So, a lot of people may agree with this one that the 1979 James Bond film was an exciting one. Even though the 1970s was all about Star Wars, James Bond also did announce his arrival in style. Financially, it was also one of the costliest James Bond films at that time. In The Moonraker, James Bond had fight on a spaceship. Even though the plot had been silly, there’s no denying the fact that the film worked pretty well. In fact, this silliness is exactly perhaps what worked for this film. 

4. Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Diamonds Are Forever

Next, we have Diamonds Are Forever film, which is another James Bond classic. In fact, it’s worth noting that this is the last film of Sean Connery as James Bond. While the film could have been better, it’s one of the best Bond films simply due to the witty dialogue and the actor. There’s no doubt about the fact that Sean Connery absolutely nailed this film as James Bond. So, even after a decade, people recognize this film as one of the best Bond films ever. 

5. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Tomorrow Never Dies

So, it’s also worth noting that people just love to watch Tomorrow Never Dies. In fact, 25 years ago, this Bond film was released in theatres. There’s no doubt about the fact that this is also one of the best films of Pierce Brosnan. In fact, he was still on top of his game at that time. Of course, the film had one of the best Bond plots as well. Filled with exciting fighting scenes and supporting actors, it’s a wonderful film for sure. 

6. You Only Live Twice (1967)

You Only Live Twice

Well, let’s turn back to the 1960s for once and talk about this amazing Bond film. Almost 55 years ago, Sean Connery’s Bond film You Only Live Twice was truly a magnificent work of art. If cinema is art, then this Bond film was most certainly that. In fact, this film had everything that you would want as a James Bond fan. A powerful and appealing villain, amazing fight sequences, and of course, top-notch acting. Overall, You Only Live Twice was a fantastic James Bond movie. 

7. Octopussy (1983)


Released in 1983, Octopussy had a similar plot to Moonwalker in terms of silliness. However, Roger Moore’s James Bond somehow kept us in our seats. It’s hard to say for what reason this film actually stood out, but of course, points have to go to the dialogue and action. Moreover, one also cannot forget amazing characters as well. 

8. Thunderball (1965)


So, on our list of the best James Bond movies, we also have another James Bond film from the 60s, Thunderball. Just like You Only Live Twice, Thunderball was also a great one. In fact, it was the fourth film as James Bond for Sean Connery. So, it’s an action-packed film with amazing visual status. 

Moroever, the film also had a strong villain with a powerful screen presence. In addition, Thunderball also has an iconic underwater fight that one cannot forget so easily. Overall if you are looking for a cool James Bond film to watch, then this is the one to check out. 

9. Spectre (2015)


In 2015, Daniel Craig’s James Bond returned to the screen after the Skyfall film. Although everyone did their part well, one has to say that Craig almost carried this film on his shoulders. In fact, there were certain elements that elevated the story of Spectre to great heights. One of the prime reasons, apart from the Bondesque fights and plot, has to be Sam Smith’s opening song which also won Oscar. Overall, Spectre, most certainly, is one of the best James Bond movies that you’d want to check out. 

10. Live and Let Die (1973)

Live and Let Die

Next, we have Roger Moore’s 007 film, Live and Let Die, released in 1973. So, according to the reports, Live and Let Die has an intriguing plot and a great set of actors. Moreover, the film also had a few cool scenes that you have to expect from any Bond film. 

11. The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

The Man with the Golden Gun

Just after a year, James Bond fans were presented with another amazing film, The Man with the Golden Gun, in 1974. So, there’s no doubt about the fact that The Man with the Golden Gun is one of the best Bond films. It has a superb plot with memorable action scenes. In addition, Christopher Lee played the role of the villain in this film. Overall, the audience loved this film a lot and gave it the respect it deserved. 

12. Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is the highest-rated James Bond film in the IMDb and it features Daniel Craig as the 007. So, a lot of people would agree on this fact that this is one of the best 007 movies of all time. In fact, it was the first outing of Daniel Craig as the seductive, charming, and breathtaking James Bond. So, from the story to the characters and villain, everyone performed exceptionally well in this film, and that’s why, it’s so highly rated as well. 

13. Goldfinger (1964)


In no order, Goldfinger is another amazing James Bond film to watch. If you are looking for the iconic James Bond film, then this is the one to watch. It has everything that you’d expect from a Bond film as well. 

14. From Russia With Love (1963)

From Russia With Love

Well, before Goldfinger was released, in 1963, the 007 fans were treated with From Russia With Love. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the greatest Bond films ever made. Moreover, it’s also a Bond film that indirectly deals with the Cold War theme. 

15. Skyfall (2012)


Last but not least, let’s end this list with Skyfall. Once again Daniel Craig did a pretty awesome job. There’s a debate over whether it is the best James Bond film or not, but it had everything that you can hope for in a 007 film. So, the whole film takes the audience into a wild ride of things. 

Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the best James Bond movies without any particular order. If you are a James Bond fan, then you must have already seen all the films mentioned on this list. However, if you haven’t yet, then you have a few titles to look forward to. 

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