5 Best Apps to Catch Cheating Spouse’s Text Messages 2021

5 Best Apps to Catch Cheating Spouse's Text Messages 2021

Do you have piled up concerns about the loyalty of your spouse? Do you think your spouse might be cheating on you? Is your spouse always busy texting all day long and pounces at every beep of incoming texts?

If most of the above facts are true and the loyalty of your spouse seems to be on a shaky ground, you can see the truth for yourself. Whether you want to be reading your boyfriend’s iPhone messages or your spouse’s text messages, all that can be possible with the new age spy applications.

Spy applications have evolved for the better. They are offering leverage to people to see the truth with their own eyes. If you think there is something secretive and wrong about your spouse’s conduct off lately, you can use the below mentioned spy applications and check the truth:

1.  Minspy

Minspy is a web based application that excels in catching cheating spouses.  You can get direct access into your spouse’s inbox without having to worry about getting caught in the process. While there are many spy applications offering similar services, with Minspy you attain the best of all worlds.

Minspy is simple and honestly very easy to spy with. You cannot risk the relationship just based on a doubt and this can actually turn ugly if you are caught spying upon your spouse. Minspy comprehends, understands and covers the risks associated with spying.

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There is a reason why the application has been praised by prime critics like Forbes. It also has garnered a loyal customer base in more than 190 countries. Couples all around the world are ensuring the sanctity of their relationship through this application.

Why should you choose Minspy?

When it comes to spying on your spouse who is supposedly cheating on you, you cannot choose a platform that is not reliable. It can jeopardize the relationship if your hunches about your spouse are wrong. Therefore, it is extremely critical to go with a name which has decent reputation and standing.

Therefore, when you choose Minspy, you choose extreme security in processes. You can catch your spouse cheating without your spouse even having a hunch or hint about whether they are being watched. There are also other delectable features offered by the application that make it the most coveted spy app.

Stealth Mode

Users of Minspy can spy in a very secretive manner. There will be no indication of being watched or any sort of pings or alerts. The stealth mode has been designed into the very structure of Minspy and nothing you do can get you caught on the App.

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No Jailbreaking or Rooting Requirement

Minspy curbs the need for unnecessary processes. As a result, you do not need to root or jailbreak through your spouse’s phone. This lessens the risk of detection furthermore. Minspy lets you function in absolute remote processes. You can spy without even touching your spouse’s phone.


You can spy on your spouse’s inbox and messages holistically from Minspy. This web based app actually clones your spouse’s phone. You can see the text messages, media files, social media interactions, WhatsApp chats and a lot more from Minspy.


The best part about this is that it also has a core feature known as Keylogger wherein any vital keystroke made by your spouse can be seen. This means that every time your spouse is deleting a text, you can see it. Drafts and unsent texts can also be seen by you.

The keylogger feature extensively explains the state of mind and true intentions of your spouse. It literally feels like what your spouse’s true intentions were and what they ended up doing. 

Spying on iOS and Android

If your spouse has an iPhone, all you need is your spouse’s iCloud credentials to establish the link between Minspy and their phone. You do not even need to touch the phone and in fact, even if your spouse is in a different continent, you can still see their phone.

When your spouse uses an Android phone, you would need to do some one-time jailbreaking through their phone and download the app. This necessity is because of Android’s own set of requirements and no app can function without an initial download.

To curb the risk of detection because of the download, the users can hide the app immediately upon download. By doing this, they curb all and any risk of being detected. Minspy has been designed in  a way that it rests silently on the phone and once hidden, will never be found.

2. Safespy

Safespy is a reliable web based spy app that can provide you an insight into your spouse’s questionable texts. It attends to a very big clientele basic comprising various geographies and has been gaining quite a momentum. It has been a trusted name with spy services, features and functions. 


3.  Spyier

Spyier is a good choice for spying and catching the texts of a cheating partner. It has been around for a while and developed a good patronage in many countries. It also has a prompt customer service who offers immediate support to user issues. 


4.  Spyine

Spyine allows you to be extremely neat and precise in detection less way in your spy sojourns. You can spy without leaving any proof of spying at all. Plus, it also offers a very friendly user interface. You can spy on your cheating spouse’s texts in a very secretive manner.


5. Neatspy

Neatspy is also a very good spying alternative and is famous for its spy services. It can be used to catch hold of a cheating spouse and have a first hand view at the text messages. It also has a good stealth mode that allows users to function without getting noticed. 



While all the above mentioned applications provide a good insight into the minds of the cheating spouses, reading your boyfriend’s iPhone messages through Minspy will give much more clarity.

With Minspy, you attain simplicity of the interface and betterment of spy offerings. However, while all the above alternatives and options are tried and tested, zeroing down to Minspy as the best alternative is the best choice.

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