The Best Innovations in the recruitment strategy for 2019

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The concept of recruitment has changed by leaps and bounds. While the volume of recruitment has been increasing at a faster rate, there have been no sizeable increases in the enhancement of the workforce involved in the recruitment process. This is sole because of the focus on the high-end innovations applied in the case of recruitment. If you do not want to be left behind in the rat race for acquiring the best possible talent, you may need to keep yourself prepared for the best in terms of recruitment technologies.

Intelligent and automated resume screening

The current breed of tools like Greenhouse ATS software makes use of Artificial intelligence for an accurate and efficient resume screening. The software scans the existing database of resume and uses it to learn more about the right type of candidates who moved ahead and who were rejected.

The tool can learn from the skill sets and other details of the existing employees and arrives at the right shortlisting. This can be extremely helpful in saving plenty of time unnecessarily wasted in manually screening a massive number of resumes. Research has estimated that this automated screening helps you save over 65  to 70 per cent of your time and cost.

Talent Pool or Talent Rediscovery

This is yet another excellent feature that will ensure that you can save a lot on advertising and other costs through the talent pool or talent rediscovery technique. This will use the list of candidates that have already been screened, but not selected.

The Talent pool technique, once again, uses Artifical Intelligence to sift through the candidates and their skills for the new role that has opened up. Thus the talent acquisition and absorption will be cheaper and faster. This will help you acquire candidates without having to spend anything extra.

Chatbots and communication

Like it has repeatedly been indicated, the recruiting industry these days has been being candidate-driven in sharp contrast to what it had been in the past where employers held a sway on the recruitment process. In a candidate-centric system, communication or lack of it can have a detrimental effect on your hiring process.

If you really want the candidates to have a good feeling about your organization and want them to engage with your organization, it is quite essential to go with the right kind of communication. Chatbots can be a perfect option from this perspective. This will help you improve the candidate experience to a greater extent and assists you in not losing the right candidate.

Partner Integrations

This is yet another essential innovation that has made your recruiting process one of the unique ones and truly rewarding. The new concept has given rise to what is called Partner marketplaces. This has been an exciting improvement for the employers and recruiting departments in arriving at the perfect recruitment strategy at a cheaper option.

Recruitment experts believe that the partner integrations have been the “most innovative of the innovations” in the recruitment arena. Make your hiring process more innovative and extremely efficient with the right dose of integrations.

Blind Hiring

Blind Hiring is a considerably new concept in the realm of recruiting industry and has been used as one of the best techniques for ensuring an effective hiring practice. Workplace diversity has been one of the most widely forward thinking technique when indulging in a hiring process, and blind hiring allows you to do just that and does that in an excellent manner.

The blind hiring technique is stated to provide an edge to the hiring managers and recruiters. The blind hiring technique provides you with an access to the application of an objective approach to the recruitment process. Of course, the technique is entirely new and is expected to bring in a new dimension to the concept of hiring and recruitment. The concept may soon be implemented as one of the best strategies in the days to come.

Well, those were a few innovative strategies and practical innovations that should help you streamline your recruitment process. You can be assured of an enhanced performance if you are open to using these innovations in your recruiting process. The AI or artificial intelligence has been one of the best concepts that have been redefining our experience when it comes to the hiring process in your industry.