How to Get the Best Brisbane Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Brisbane Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When opening a restaurant, one major area you’ll spend more on is your kitchen because a commercial kitchen requires industrial-grade equipment that’ll easily withstand heavy use. 

It’d help if you planned your commercial kitchen layout to allow food to flow smoothly from the preparation area to the diners. Sometimes, new restaurants have the best kitchen location but small space, limiting the type of equipment they’ll need. 

Your kitchen affects your restaurant’s success. Thus, every restaurant owner in Australia knows that the right Brisbane commercial kitchen equipment will greatly improve the kitchen’s efficiency and food quality. Unfortunately, however, every high-quality kitchen equipment is often expensive. 

The following are how to buy the best kitchen equipment, such as a commercial convection oven, for your food business. 

It’s imperative to know when to buy used kitchen equipment or brand-new ones. Bear in mind that certain appliances like ice machines or fryers are often prone to bacteria and are corrosive. So consider buying them new. 

However, used kitchen equipment is a good idea for appliances like a commercial stove, which performs better and helps you save more.

  • Buy Commercial-Grade Equipment

While this injunction is apparent, it must be reiterated because some restaurant owners use residential kitchen equipment, which makes these appliances break down quickly.  

The reason is that residential kitchen equipment can’t sustain your restaurant’s food preparation workload. So make sure you get commercial-grade equipment for your restaurant’s kitchen.

  • Buy Less Than Perfect Models

Sometimes, your equipment supplier may offer some discontinued models of commercial hot water urns or appliances with scratches, dents, and other minor damages resulting from transportation, sampling, or packaging. 

These conditions often don’t affect the equipment’s performance, so don’t shy away from them; you can save massively when you buy them. 

  • Equipment Financing or Lease Option

When buying Brisbane commercial kitchen equipment, you’ve got other alternatives. Consider opting for equipment financing or lease some appliances if they age quickly. So that when your leasing contract ends, you won’t be tied to that equipment that might have been obsolete by then. 

However, note that some leases comprise a specific type of insurance covering non-technical-related problems with the leased appliances.

  • Check the Warranties

When major commercial kitchen equipment like a freezer or fridge breaks down, its repair or replacement costs lots of money, which will affect your food preparation process. So ensure your new equipment comes with a long warranty. Better safe than sorry. 

  • Buy Only Energy-Efficient Equipment

While energy-efficient equipment is always more expensive, you can save money on utilities when you use them over time. So consider incorporating one or two energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen to save cost. 

  • Don’t Buy Impulsively

Always turn a blind eye to equipment that won’t benefit your restaurant. Don’t allow the latest trends, discounts, or offers to distract you from your actual needs or purpose. Instead, consider your kitchen menu, chef’s needs, kitchen size, and layout when buying your Brisbane commercial kitchen equipment. 

It wouldn’t make any sense to purchase something to take up valuable space without serving any purpose. Therefore, the right commercial kitchen equipment must improve productivity and fit a specific need.

The Bottom Line

Every restaurant differs in its potential customer base, and the type of cuisine they prepare will depend on their diner’s specific needs. As a food business manager or owner, your priorities and personal needs are inconsequential when getting the best equipment for your kitchen. 

Conducting adequate research and comparing reviews of certain high-priced appliances like commercial convection stoves or refrigerators are the best way to ensure you get the best deals. 

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Don’t forget that the aim is to find the best commercial kitchen equipment to improve your dishes, keep the chef happy, and increase sales in your restaurant. 

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