Blitzing 🏐 Jalen Brunson Saves The Day For The Cavs

Blitzing Brunson

The Cleveland Cavaliers recently faced off against the New York Knicks in a terrific game. It saw the Cavs execute an impressive defensive strategy against the Knicks’ star player, Jalen Brunson. By utilizing a defensive tactic known as “blitzing,” the Cavs were able to stifle Brunson’s scoring opportunities and secure a decisive victory.

Blitzing is the Way

Blitzing is a defensive tactic that involves aggressively pressuring the ball-handler. In an effort to force them into making quick decisions and potentially turning the ball over. In the case of the Cavs’ game against the Knicks, they employed this tactic specifically to neutralize Brunson. He is famous for his exceptional ball-handling skills and ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Furthermore, the Cavs began implementing their blitzing strategy early on in the game. With multiple defenders aggressively swarming Brunson whenever he had possession of the ball. This tactic is effective in limiting Brunson’s scoring opportunities, as he struggles to find open passing lanes and is forced to take difficult shots in contested situations.

Blitzing is the Way

Classic Zone Defence

Additionally, the Cavs used a zone defence that involved positioning their defenders near the basket to stop Brunson’s drives. This approach worked well in disrupting the Knicks’ pick-and-roll plays, which usually rely on Brunson and his teammates to generate points.

Moreover, the Cavs played a fast-paced offence to limit the Knicks’ ability to set up their plays. This helped the Cavs to maintain control of the game and limit the Knicks’ half-court offence.

The Cavs have a Serious Lineup
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The Cavs have a Serious Lineup

After a while, Evan Mobley rushed towards Brunson in an empty-corner pick and roll, forcing him to pass the ball. Though Brunson was faster this time, the Cavs had excellent defensive rotation, with Donovan Mitchell covering Isaiah Hartenstein’s roll and Darius Garland trying to block a pass to Quentin Grimes.

At times, Brunson was able to pass through the blitz. And having Randle set the ball screen helped him have more options. However, the Knicks were not very successful on offence. And the Cavs were constantly attacking, occasionally trapping both Brunson and Randle together.

A Psychological Impact

A Psychological Impact

The Cavs’ blitzing strategy also had a psychological impact on the Knicks, as it appeared to frustrate Brunson and his teammates. We realize this from the fact that Brunson committed multiple turnovers and struggled to find his rhythm throughout the game.

Overall, the Cavs’ defensive strategy is highly effective. As they held the Knicks to just 89 points and secured a decisive victory. This victory was a testament to the Cavs’ ability to execute their game plan and stifle one of the league’s top players. And it served as a reminder of the importance of strong defensive play in basketball.


The recent game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks showed how important strong defence is in basketball. The Cavs were able to stop the Knicks’ star player Jalen Brunson by using aggressive blitzing and effective zone defence. They followed their plan and frustrated the Knicks’ offence, leading to a decisive victory. This sends a message to the rest of the league that the Cavs are a team to watch out for.

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