23rd June Events: All The National & Festive Events of The Day

23rd June Events

The 23rd of June is an exciting day for many people because there are a plethora of celebration-worthy events. Especially, if you love to celebrate every moment and every event to its fullest, then this is the ideal day for you. Today, we have lots of national and festive events that make every moment of our lives memorable. So, June 23 is popular as National Porridge Day, National Take Your Dog To Work Day, National Let It Go Day, International Widows Day, and many more ways. Let’s celebrate all 23rd June events.

If you are excited about knowing about all the aforementioned events, then you are at the right place. Follow this article to know everything about the June 23 events. 

Here Are The 23rd June Events & How To Celebrate Them

It’s easy to explain the details of each and every event, but to understand the significance and celebrate is different stuff. So, as we mentioned earlier, the month of June has lots of amazing events. With that being said, the 23rd of June is also not an exception to this. So, without further ado, it’s time to learn more about the events of June 23. 

1. National Porridge Day

Waking up from a deep slumber and getting a bowl of Porridge is perhaps a warm way to start the day. Nothing beats simplicity and Porridge offers you that exact simplicity and homely vibe. Moreover, if you are having a bad day health-wise, then having porridge can help you out. In fact, It’s also true that Porridge is a hearty breakfast. It will keep you energized for the whole day. Most importantly, it’s healthy food. So, overall, if you wish to celebrate the 23rd of June as National Porridge Day, then don’t forget to have porridge as your breakfast. 

National Porridge Day

2. National Take Your Dog To Work Day

Next, the 23rd of June is also famous as National Take Your Dog Day. In our busy schedule, we often forget to take some time out to take our loyal friend for a walk. So, if you just cannot manage to find an empty schedule, then how about taking them to work instead? Especially, if you own a puppy or a dog, then taking them to work can be a great way to introduce your pet to your colleagues. Furthermore, it’s true that your pet dog has probably become your co-worker, especially during the covid times. 

International Women In Engineering Day

3. International Women In Engineering Day

Engineering by default has been perceived as a male-dominated career. However, it’s time to break such misconceptions and gender stereotypes. Women too have shown incredible zeal and passion for numerous engineering positions. From electrical engineering to civil engineering, there are tons of women candidates out there. In fact, in the software department, we do have lots of female students studying. International Women In Engineering Day is a reminder to everyone to bunk all the gender stereotypes and build a progressive mindset. This is one of the popular 23rd June Events. 

4. National Let It Go Day

If something or someone is wearing you down, then the best course of action would be to let go. For example, if you are in a toxic relationship, then moving out of that relationship is the only way to happiness. Similarly, if you are having second thoughts about giving up an addiction, then do it on the spot. Sometimes it’s better to let go of things than hold them tightly. In fact, the 23rd of June is the day to observe National Let It Go Day. On this day, you can try doing meditation, and let go of all the ill desires. 

National Let It Go Day

5. International Widows Day

So, June 23 is also popular as International Widows Day, if you didn’t know. It’s a day to celebrate all the widows in the world. Perhaps a tragedy has taken their loved one away from them. Maybe some of them don’t have a child and don’t even have a job, and having financial crisis as a result. So, that’s why, you could donate to charities that directly help and support widows and also their children. You can be a person who might bring a smile to their face. So, that’s why, on the 23rd of June, you could do something memorable for a widowed person. 

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