Laila Bullock And Everly Tatum Were Constantly Fighting In Preschool

Laila Bullock

Laila Bullock, the daughter of popular actress Sandra Bullock, has a playmate at school. And would you ever guess it, she is the daughter of another famous actor, Channing Tatum. Should we already label the constant fighting between the two toddlers the next great Hollywood schism?

Well, in a playful sort of way, it is indeed that. These baby enemies are just about the cutest rivals in all of the time. Toddlers who fight each other are just the cutest. And yes, we simply can’t get enough of their preschool rivalry. 

The Road Ahead for the Stars
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According to Sandra, this is just a continuation of her own rivalry with Tatum when they were in school. Both of them were always getting called to the Principal’s office for one reason or the other all the time.

And now, they have passed it down to their children as well. The actors, more often than not, find themselves being summoned to the principal’s office because their children would not stop fighting each other. Now we assure you, this is not at all the case anymore, but one child was trying to outdo the other, and the results were always hilarious.

Cute Rivals 

The principal is nothing but gentle with the kids. The celebrity parents add that they were mortified whenever the principal summoned them over the misbehaviour of their children. Everly is an eight-year-old tyke, while Laila is a ten-year-old bubbly girl. Both the girls are at an age when healthy rivalry blossoms and a sense of competition takes place.

But alas, in this case, both of them have always been equal when it comes to making mischief. However, they have become pretty good friends now because they made up for their differences. See Laila Bullock’s father.

As Sandra puts it pithily, making friends is all about learning about the other person’s desires and habits and adjusting to their differences. Funnily enough, this exact theme is also the plot of her movie The Lost City. Channing Tatum also plays one of the lead characters in the movie.

It is all about learning to get along with people whom we may not like, for who knows, towards the end, we might find they were not so different after all. As for the children, they are proving to be fast friends. Right now, there have been a few sleepovers, but we guess they are already on their way to becoming the best of friends. See Sandra Bullock Laila Bullock. 

Cute Rivals 

The Road Ahead for the Stars

When it comes to celebrities, both have moved quite ahead in life with regard to their careers. Tatum is starring in an upcoming tongue-in-cheek thriller film that is inspired by monster flicks. The name of the movie has not been disclosed yet, but Universal Pictures is producing it. He is playing Mike Lane in the upcoming Steven Soderbergh flick Magic Mike’s Last Dance which is set to release on HBO Max on February 10, 2023. 

Sandra Bullock, at the same time, is on an ever-increasing success curve. She recently played a depressed novelist in The Lost City opposite Channing Tatum. Critics received the film really well and praised Bullock’s performances, and lauded the chemistry between the two. She also was present in a mostly vocal role in the recent action blockbuster Bullet Train. 


1. Are Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock together?

No Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock are not together. 

2. Is The Lost City on Netflix?

It is not yet available on Netflix. 

3. Is The Lost City on Amazon Prime?

Yes The Lost City is available on Amazon Prime. 

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