Linards Zarins: The Most Up-And-Coming Singer And Songwriter

Linards Zarins

Born in Latvia in the year 1995, Linard Zarins is a Spanish based singer and songwriter. He is the most up-and-coming music stars who perform an intuitive blend of both pop and R&B tracks. Owing to his versatile singing expertise, he has multiplied his broad and engaged fan base day by day. Linard Zarins is mainly known for his 2017 appearance in the Latvian version of The X Factor, where he has been applauded by judges with three Yes votes.
Linards Zarins

Spain Based Singer-Songwriter Linards Zarins Releases His Second Single “I Miss You”

With an aim to excel in this profession, Zarins has capitalized his success through a slew of appreciable covers of international superstars like Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Mabel, Justin Bieber, and many more. All the covers are widely acclaimed by his fans and this has been seen on his social pages. Day by day, he organically grew his following on Instagram and other social platforms.
Linards Zarins

As his online presence started gaining the attention of producers, other artists, and A&R executives he started getting acclaimed and recognition. Many of the producers and other artists started pitching him to work with him and they are even ready to feature him on their tracks/songs. Few asked him to collaborate with him as a singer. With all these acclamations at one side, Linards Zarins has something as his aim and he then decided to write and release his own music album. This is what made him the stand on the list of emerging artists of the time.
Linards Zarins

When asked him about his genre and his passion of singing and song writing, he said, “When I write my music, I want to make sure I not only appeal to a greater demographic of music lovers, but also to make sure I’m true to my own style as a musician,” says Linards. “By composing and performing a combination of both pop and R&B songs, I feel I’m able to reach out to a wider audience and express myself organically.”
Linards Zarins

Besides, he also said “Though performing these covers really helped to launch my career, I was very grateful to garner the attention of reputable producers, other artists, and A&R executives,” states Linards. “They all wanted to work with me to develop my own music and collaborate, which led me to release my own work.”
Linards Zarins

With all his passion and expertise, he has released his debut single, Good Thing, which mainly reflects on the vast array of emotions he felt in past relationships. The Linards Zarins song has intimate connections, where the listeners can connect to the moments of pure happiness and bliss, even in the times of soul-crushing stress and sadness, pride, and excitement in between. He encouraged is fans stating “Through Good Thing, I want to help listeners to understand that through turmoil, there is still hope and lessons to be learned,” says Linards. “We must all go on and prepare for future exciting new adventures in love.”
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