Who Is Jordan Turpin? Learn How She Managed To Escape From The House Of Horror

Jordan Turpin
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Nowadays, there are various social media platforms where you can easily achieve the status of a celebrity with your talent and creativity. In this regard, we can talk about the famous American TikTok star Jordan Turpin. Apart from being a TikToker, the pretty lady is also a social media influencer, content creator, model, and entrepreneur. However, there is more to her life story.

As per the sources, the lady is a native of Perris, California, in the United States. However, she is a victim of abusive parents. In fact, she initially came to the spotlight after escaping from her parents’ house in 2018. She also contacted the police for her protection.

So would you like to know more about her story? Stay with us until the end, as we will share some of the significant aspects of Jordan Turpin here. Let us have a look!

Who is Jordan Turpin?

So as we mentioned earlier, Jordan Turpin, the famous young YouTuber, was born to her parents in 2001 in Perris, California. Therefore, she is currently 21 years old. However, Jordan has also spent some time in Rio Vista, Texas. As per the full name, it is probably Jordan Elizabeth Turpin.

However, the social media sensation has not shared many details about her personal life; therefore, we cannot update you about all that information. In fact, we do not come to know anything about her educational background. The fact for which many people will remember her is that she had an abusive childhood. It might sound shocking when you look at her; however, it is true. Her parents mistreated her and her 12 siblings.

But her life took a different turn when she gathered courage and escaped from the abusive house in 2018. She had reached the police just in time to lodge a complaint about her parents. She is living a free and comfortable life with her siblings in California presently.

Some Details About Jordan Turpin’s Family

As per the reports, Jordan Turpin had a difficult time in her California home as a child. She is one of the 12 siblings in the family. Needless to say, her abusive parents raised her and her siblings. So according to the sources, Jordan’s father, David Allen Turpin, was a computer engineer, and her mother, Louise Ann Turpin, was a housewife.

The famous TikToker belongs to a family of Pentecostal Christians. According to the sources, Jordan’s father, David, worked in the companies Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. She has nine sisters and three brothers in her family. Yes, quite a big family!

According to Jordan, her parents were way different when they were out in public and drastically changed at home. They often mistreat their kids for silly reasons. So finally, after Jordan’s complaint in 2018 against her parents, they pleaded guilty and owned up to their mistake. Let us delve into the details.

House Of Horror: The Turpin Family Case

So by now, you must have got a brief picture of how horrific Jordan Turin’s childhood days were. Therefore, let us share with you some extensive details about the case. As per the reports, the Turin couple abused their children. Be it youngsters or grown-ups; all were victims of the torture. Therefore, the ages of the victims were from two to twenty-nine years.

However, Jordan’s parents never misbehaved with her or her siblings in public; it was all at home. In fact, they often shared pictures of their family tours to various places. Not for once could people realize what was going on. But it was in 2018, Jordan Turpin gathered courage and got away from the horror house. She also called the police, who then investigated the matter.

Since the number of victims of this abuse was quite a lot, this case became a case of public interest. In fact, the press and media also started covering it for all its juicy details. So it was in February 2019 that the Turpin couple confessed their crime. The law charged them with several offenses and gave them the punishment of life imprisonment. So you can well understand that Jordan Turin indeed had a horrifying childhood.

Is Jordan Turpin Dating Anyone?

As per the details, Jordan Turpin, the social media influencer, is currently residing in California. She has finally found peace and has made a lot of progress in her personal life. However, the details regarding who she is dating are not yet available.

The pretty celebrity has not made anything about her love life public yet. As per the sources, she is single. Currently, she is busy focussing on her career. Within a short while, she has gained a huge fan following on her social media profiles. She has over 155k followers on her Insta profile.

Ending Note

Very few social media influencers have gathered a fan following of 155K in such a short while as Jordan Turpin. In fact, her videos on TikTok also help her earn a good living. Even though she had a difficult childhood, currently, she is living the best moments of her life.