Modern Bathroom Remodel Lighting Tips

Modern Bathroom Remodel Lighting Tips

A single, standard modern bathroom remodel costs upwards of $50,000. If you’re trying to create a spa-like experience at home, expect to lay down a lot more dosh. It’s a project worth spending the time to get right.

One decor feature that can make or break a bathroom experience is the lighting. You want it bright around the mirror so you can get those. But you want to keep lighting low around the bath for a relaxing vibe.

Confused? Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of helpful bathroom lighting tips below.

Properly Light the Bathtub or Shower

One mistake homeowners often make during a home improvement is forgetting to light the tub area.

No one likes to wash in the dark! And now that bathtubs are back in style (not just as a necessary fixture for those with small children), the decorative impact of overhead bathtub lighting can make or break your bathroom design.

Sure, you could just insert some simple can lights into the ceiling, but why not make a statement? Consider a chandelier!

Freestanding tubs are already dramatic, so don’t be afraid to up the ante with a wrought-iron cage chandelier. Complement it with black grout, taps, and two-tone tiles. This is an excellent option for period homes over one hundred years old.

Or if you have a pretty-in-peach bathroom, a feathery mother-of-pearl chandelier couldn’t be more appropriate. The shell comes from the watery depths of the ocean, after all! The naturally translucent material will diffuse the light for a spa-like feeling.

Choose Brass or Chrome for Durability

The look and feel of a light hinge almost entirely on the materials it’s made of. One way to add an element of luxury and timelessness to a bathroom remodel is by installing brass light fixtures. But there’s a lot to choose from in the brass department.

Shiny polished brass has a golden hue that pairs beautifully with painted walls or luxurious 1920s-style patterned wallpaper. It’s typically sealed with a lacquer coating to ensure it doesn’t tarnish. Because it’s shiny, however, it’s susceptible to showing fingerprints, and you may need to get the layer redone from time-to-time to keep the fixtures glowingly new.

Are you looking for something more organic for your antique bathroom? Go with lighting fixtures crafted from unlacquered brass. Looking a bit like rose gold, unlacquered brass wears over time as you touch it and as it’s exposed to moisture and air. But that’s why you buy it: to embrace the authentic patina that age gives to the metal.

If you don’t like the idea of not knowing exactly how your brass fixture will age, go with chemically-altered antique brass instead.

Another durable metal currently on-trend for contemporary bathroom lighting is chrome. The highly polished, reflective surface adds a distinctly space-age edge to any bathroom. Show off the properties of this rust-resistant metal in geometric bathtub chandeliers or large, mirror-finish wall sconces.

Shop Online for Bathroom Lights

Nowadays, online shopping is the norm for homeowners looking for a bargain price or who want to get designer brands not available in their town or city. Online lighting stores like Interior Deluxe have an incredible range of quality lighting for bathrooms and beyond.

Before you get started shopping online for lights, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What features (color, materials, size, etc.) do you like?
  • What features (color, materials, size, etc.) turn you off?
  • Is there a particular function you need?
  • What’s your budget?
  • What type of lights are you looking for?

Research carefully to find the answers by looking at images of bathroom designs you love. Consider restrictions like space, budget, and timeframes. To avoid getting the wrong lighting, jot down all the measurements you need before jumping online–ceiling height, the distance between fixtures and furniture, and wall dimensions.

Before you hit the checkout button on your shopping cart, it’s vital to run your eye over the fine print. Does the store have a return policy? What are the shipping charges?

And don’t be shy to reach out to the customer service representatives at the store to ask for help.

Replace Vanity Lights With Sconces

Do you remember the make-up room bulbs of the 1980s that once surrounded our bathroom mirrors? Or perhaps the tacky faux-brass downlight fitted haphazardly to the base of the vanity?

A bathroom renovation gives you the chance to modernize your lighting choices. Today, it’s as much about how the lighting looks as it is the practical aspects of lighting a room. And so, we bring you the 2021 trend of the bathroom mirror wall sconce!

Matching wall sconces are typically mounted on either side of a bathroom mirror and are mended facing either down or up.

While there’s no need to plan out space (unless you’re remodeling a teeny tiny bathroom) because the scones’ placement can be adjusted upwards or downwards as needed, there are some professional recommendations.

According to the American Lighting Association, scones look best if sitting at eye level, typically 65 to 70 inches from the floor. And ideally, the scones should be no more than 30 inches apart, but that may be difficult depending on your vanity and mirror size. This placement reduces the amount of shadow cast on a face.

Hung either side of a mirror, vanity scones provide lighting for the sink area and adequate lighting to apply makeup, up-do hair or put in contact lenses.

Go Period With Lighting Fixtures

As more and more homeowners invest in the renovation of period properties, the trend for recreating authentically vintage bathrooms–such as the revival of the colored bathroom fixtures of the 20th century–is on the rise. As a consequence, there has never been a greater demand for vintage and vintage-look lighting fixtures.

Have a 1920s bathroom? Complement those mint green fixtures, stunning black subway tiles, detailed mirrors, and marble vanity with a set of frosted glass globe pendant lights.

Complement your mid-century modern wood-framed mirror and geometric floor tiles with lighting and plumbing finished in durable, period-appropriate antique brass.

Go granny in a kitschy 1940s bathroom with oversized floral wallpaper, a frilly shower curtain, a lace-lined cushioned toilet seat cover, and gold-toned coach-light scones.

Get your vintage lights right, and you’ll have a bathroom worthy of a design magazine. Get them wrong, and your recreation will be in danger of falling flat.

Modern Bathroom Remodel for Stay or Sale

Whether you’re undertaking a modern bathroom remodel for your family or renovating a house to flip it, take care of the lighting. Good lighting ideas can add tens of thousands to a final sale price or create that salon-like experience you’re craving. Follow the tips above, and we’re confident you’ll get the sophisticated design you want.

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