How to Deliver Excellence in Your Logistics Firm

Logistics Firm

Logistics has had a rough ride in recent months. From the pandemic-related supply chain issues through to the shortage of HGV drivers, it seems that the entire industry is experiencing difficulties derived from a lack of labor, supplies and resilient systems. So, the firms that can deliver brilliance day after day will get themselves apart in the market in the coming months, showing that they can be relied upon where others fail. Here’s how you can be that firm, planning for growth in a sector that requires creative problem-solving. 


The orders that you manage in your fleet and from your warehouses will all be labelled, enabling you to track them as they go from place to place. Smart pallet tracking is the best way to keep track of larger items, with pallets holding different quantities of goods that drivers and service personnel will be quickly able to identify and organize with the use of a scanner. Make sure your tracking never experiences errors by having best-in-class systems in place for labelling and tracking to avoid disappointment and delays in your deliveries. 


It’s not uncommon for logistics firms to experience unexpected delays and difficulties. For instance, when a number of workers are off at the same time through illness – something we’ve seen time and again over the best 18 months – you can be left short-handed when you need all hands on deck to keep up with your commitments and obligations. One way to be flexible here is to have temporary agency staff on the end of a phone who you can bring in if it looks like you’re short-handed. Act quickly, and track employee absences to keep your firm well-staffed in all eventualities. 


Your logistics firm will likely operate a fleet of drivers and their HGV vehicles. If you don’t, you’ll hire them externally, which offsets the responsibilities for managing your vehicles to a third party. That comes with benefits, but with the significant downside that you’re not in control of your provision of vehicles. So, it’s preferable to manage a fleet that you own and operate internally so that any unwanted surprises can be seen further down the road. And with this fleet, you should always be using software to track how they can be deployed most efficiently to deliver brilliance every time they leave your facility.


There are changes afoot in several different jurisdictions across the world in terms of what goods can be transported where and in what quantities. Trade quotes, border controls and other checks can all delay the logistics process, setting your well-laid plans into disarray. While these are not necessarily your fault, they can be avoided or planned for if you keep your ear to the ground for incoming changes to regulations. Keep up with industry news and journals, too, so that you can anticipate trends before they come to delay your deliveries. 

There you have it: four simple ways for your logistics firm to continue being brilliant in the eyes of your customers and clients.