What to Look for in Your Whey Isolate Protein Supplement?

Isolate Protein
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Protein is among the primary macronutrients that our body utilizes to create energy. With its siblings, carbohydrates, and fats, protein makes up the whole trinity of nutrition. Have you ever thought about why protein is getting so much spotlight in the fitness world? It is so because it is an essential building block for adding muscle to the body.

Protein is a product of thousand small structures called amino acids. These are organic compounds made up of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. When these amino acids compound, they make up protein. 

You also get protein from external sources like animals, plants, powders, bars, and more. When your body absorbs them, they:

  • Provide energy
  • Lay down the new muscle mass
  • Repair damaged tissues

As an intense lifter, you must be consuming protein shakes in a day or need to restock your supply. Whey protein has been a very important tool in physical development. You can also see many fitness enthusiasts getting sponsored and standing behind protein brands. But when it comes to buying whey isolate protein, there are many options in the market. 

Do you perceive what you should be looking for in your whey isolate product? In this article, you will have a glance at some essential factors to demand from your isolate before buying it.

Let’s unwrap things to define a high-quality whey isolate protein!

Protein Type

There is a wide array of protein types, and new ones seem to pop up every day in the market. You’ll come up noticing various plant-based proteins like soy, pea, hemp, etc. These are perfect options for those who choose not to consume animal products. Whey protein is separated into 2 categories: isolate and concentrate. 

  • Whey concentrate: It is the most common type of whey protein and can be in the majority of products. Whey concentrate is the byproduct of processing dairy into cheese along with casein. Whey concentrate is a biologically-efficient protein for the human body to absorb. After separating from cheese, it is processed and filtered into a powder. Concentrate contributes to being easier to mix with liquids. They have a smoother texture/ taste in protein shakes.
  • Whey Isolate: It starts out as whey concentrate, but the filtering and processing take place even further. After removing almost all the carbs and fats from the protein molecules, it is leftover. The additional processing results in a purer protein source- 90% protein compared to the 80% protein in whey concentrate. They also eliminate the lactose from the powder during this process, making it consumable for those with lactose intolerances.

Protein Content

Pure isolate is a bioavailable variety in protein supplements. This is the reason it may carry a premium price tag. Because of the higher value, rare brands might use 100% pure whey isolate protein in their supplements. You will mostly find that the content is a blend of whey isolate protein and other inferior varieties. 

The rationale behind using the blends is very simple. The product becomes more profitable for the company, and the production and ingredients costs are much lower. But it isn’t desirable for consumers. The reason can be:

  • It dilutes the purity of the supplement
  • Impact on quality becomes a critical concern

Ensure the content is purely derived from whey protein isolate. It should be easy to check by reading through the label.

Note* Do not allow a high protein content to disguise the fact that the source is not pure whey isolate protein.

No Unwanted Bad Calories

Don’t you think the protein content per serving is 30g, but the scoop size is 60g? What does the other 30g contain? Many companies may use fillers like sugar or fats to add flavors and bulk up the formula. While these may sound and taste like a dessert, you may have a significant impact on your health and well-being. 

Whether you are concerned about your general health or working on building an aesthetic physique, these numbers matter. You should carefully check the numbers before purchasing your whey isolate protein powder supplement.

Easy Digestion

Digestive upset is the most common complaint regarding whey protein supplements ensuing consumption. To avoid these troublesome experiences, the best remedy is to have a market-leading digestive enhancer with your whey protein isolate. It is even better if it’s already included in the supplement.

High-quality products will have this built into their supplement, ensuring their consumers can get the most benefits and enjoy the product.

Natural Ingredients

Various ingredients on the supplement label will not mean much to an undoubting consumer. Common ingredients may include heavily genetically modified commodities. But you should select a formula that uses natural ingredients. The same goes for colors and flavors. Keep them possibly natural!

Beware of the whey protein isolate supplements having artificial ingredients. They can be a cheaper way to make products taste more good. Nature does not intend for humans to consume these manmade chemicals. So, be diligent and shop by reading the entire ingredient list.


The supplement industry is also witnessing many numbers of scandals. You will find that most companies are caught and publicly exposed for cutting corners with their supplement products to boost their profit margins. The everyday deceptions about whey isolate protein may include:

  • Under dosing the protein content
  • Using animal urine or amino acids for nitrogen spiking
  • Using inferior protein sources to intensify the label

A protein store can prove its worth with third-party testing when it comes to transparency. It is a measure that can prove the products are precisely what they claim to be. Any supplement brand willing to subject their formulas to third-party batch testing states that they operate with sincerity. After all, this is an entirely unbidden thing to do.

Note* Always look for confirmation of third-party testing on the label or on the company’s website. This will help you choose better products.

Key Takeaway:

You may think the highest quantity of protein per serving is the best quality indicator when selecting a whey protein isolate. It is NOT! It will be best to consider factors like protein sources, ingredient quality, product purity, and more. So, apply the principles listed in this article and ensure purchasing the top quality products available!