Selkie Dresses And Their Dupes: Have You Seen Those?

Selkie Dresses
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In recent times, Selkie dresses have become very trendy in the market. With interesting skirt lengths and puffy sleeves, these dresses have done away with the boundaries between costume and clothing. In fact, among fashionable women, these dresses have become intensely popular. 

However, the way in which these dresses have become quickly trendy, one might think that it is a fast fashion. However, let me inform you that Selkie is a company owned by women. The dresses that they produce are handmade ones. Therefore, they work in small batches of dresses and make use of low-waste manufacturing processes. Therefore, if you wish to know all about these intensely popular dresses, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know various facts related to these dresses. 

About Selkie Dresses

We already know that it is a woman-owned brand which produces handmade dresses. Therefore,  it is natural for them to work on small bundles. Interestingly, they also focus on using low-waste manufacturing processes. The company’s presence may be tracked back in and around 2018. 

However, initially, they did not get popular. Rather, the pandemic period became the time, when these dresses gained intense popularity. Now it has become so popular that celebrities like Nicola Coughlan and Paris Hilton have also become fans of these dresses. The cottage-core enthusiasts, Bravo Stars and fashion It girls have also become addicted to these dresses. All these have led to a sudden spike in Selkie dress sales. The starting range of these dresses is around $200. Women mainly buy them for bridal showers or birthday presents. 

About Selkie Dresses

Selkie Dress Patterns 

If you have watched the internet and social media platforms, you might be led into thinking that Selkie dresses mainly exhibit butterflies and rainbow patterns in designs. While it is true that the company itself uses these two patterns for the sake of advertisement, there are some other patterns as well. Therefore, it is better to do thorough research before buying the dress of your choice.

Selkie Dress Dupes

Whenever a fashion or a dress becomes popular, there emerge various dupes of these dresses and fashion trends. Selkie dresses being one of the most popular dresses in recent times, is also no exception to this general trend. Therefore, some top Selkie knockoffs are:

Selkie Dress Patterns 

Floral Print Stand Neck Organza Dress

You can find the knockoffs of all prominent dresses on SHEIN. Therefore, it is no surprise that it will also contain Selkie dupes. This babydoll dress with floral prints features puff sleeves just like the Selkies. In addition, it also features a higher waist. 

Sugar Thrillz Floral Dress

This Selkie-inspired floral dress by Sugar Thrillz. It has a fit-and-flare style featuring puff sleeves, a gorgeous neckline and a sheer floral top layer. 

Juno Baby Doll Dress

This Selkie dupe dress is made of polyester. It features a back bow tie, a square neckline and a bubble skirt. Moreover, both tall boots and sneakers match perfectly with this dress. If you are looking for a red Selkie dress dupe, then you will also find the colour of this dress. 

Plus-size Puffball Hem Shift Dress

Plus-size Puffball Hem Shift Dress

This is the perfect Selkie knockoff dress for plus-size women. This dusty blue material with puff sleeves has a puffball hem design. In fact, the demand for this dress has skyrocketed among Selkie lovers. Therefore, do not forget to include this dress in your shopping cart for Selkie dress dupes. 

SHEIN MOD Puff Sleeve Organza Dress

This dress features elbow-length puff sleeves and a square neck. The floral mini skirt adds an air of hotness to this dress. 

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