Did The Lamborghini SUV Crash Affect The Net Worth Of James Khuri?

James Khuri

Most people are familiar with this businessman, James Khuri. He became popular after his son’s irresponsible and reckless driving of his new Lamborghini car on the road. 

Moreover, James Khuri is the CEO of nine companies. He is a strong entrepreneur in the industry, as it’s hard to win him in business. As of 2022 James Khuri get a Net Worth of $400 Million.

Early Life Of James Khuri:

James Khuri was born in the year 1977. His birthplace is Rochester, New York. At the age of 6, he shifted to Lebanon for his house renovation. Later, after 6 months, he moved back to New York. 

He finished his Master’s degree at the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business. His education qualification is MBA. 

james khuri net worth


James Khuri started his career in real estate marketing. With his hard work, he became the owner of many companies now. One of his famous companies is Khuri enterprises.


James tied a knot with Christine Roderick. But the couple was not happy with their relationship and thus separated their ways. In 2008, the couple got the divorce legally.  The couple has one son named Brendan Khuri. 

After divorcing Christine, James was staying single for a longer time. But now according to some sources, he is dating someone secretly.

James’ Net Worth Didn’t Get Affected By Lamborghini Crash:

The businessman owns a net worth of over $400 million based on some records. Thus, he is a multimillionaire businessman. But now, he almost lost his reputation due to the car accident. It was his son, Brendan Khuri who was the reason for this accident. As a result, a 32-year-old woman, Monique Munoz died in this crash. This incident made James appear frequently in headlines of many newspapers.

After this incident, James was criticized for his son’s reckless driving. According to people, the reason for this incident is James, as he only presented this luxurious car to his teen son. He presented this car for his 2020 birthday. Despite, Christine ignoring this gift to her son, James presented it forcibly. 

James Khuri Son

According to the report, Brendan’s car was at a speed of 106 km/hr. This terrible speed of his car killed Munoz on the spot itself. 

Munoz’s father protested on the streets to get justice for his daughter. He and his supporters protested out of the L.A. County District Attorney’s office. They were asking for justice for the 32-year-old Monique Munoz. She was driving a silver Lexus at the time of the accident. Even the prosecutors were asking justice for this woman. They were asking to charge this teen boy with the proper offenses.

James Khuri

Brendan was charged for negligent vehicular manslaughter under section 192(c) (1). His punishment may vary from probation to nine months, as he pleaded guilty.

James Khuri net worth is somewhat affected, as he spent a huge sum to get back his reputation. 


According to Munoz’s family, James is equally responsible for their daughter’s death. Thus, people are not happy with James even after he apologized many times.

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