Is The iPhone 11 Still Worth Buying In 2021?

iPhone 11
Now that the iPhone 12 is already available many people are asking if it’s still worth buying the iPhone 11. Since the new iPhone has been launched, the price of the iPhone 11 has dropped. And this has tempted many who want to try to have an iPhone to buy one. Then again, some people are wondering if they should just save up for the latest iPhone instead. So is the iPhone 11 still worth buying in 2021? This article can help you make a decision.


As far as design is concerned, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 are very much similar. So all if you want is a decent phone with the Apple aesthetic, then the iPhone 11 may be good enough for your needs. Getting the older iPhone is definitely going to save you money. It is a good-looking phone and even if it’s an older model, a brand new iPhone 11 is still going to attract a lot of attention. It doesn’t look outdated at all and even looks better than some newer Android models. So if all you want is a good-looking phone with decent specs, you can’t go wrong with an iPhone 11.


When it comes out in 2019, the iPhone 11 is an instant success. It was powered by the Apple A13 CPU. It is a powerful processor then and it is still very powerful now. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an Android [phone that is as powerful as the iPhone 11. If you’re looking for a phone with a decent camera, then you won’t be disappointed with the iPhone 11. Its camera is not perfect but it is more than enough for the average user. The iPhone 11 already runs iOS 14, which has become more useful with the inclusion of widgets. And if you’re worried that the iPhone 11 will become obsolete anytime soon, you worry is unfounded. The iPhone 11 is bound to get updates for the next six years.

More affordable

As mentioned earlier, the price of the iPhone 11 has dropped since the iPhone 12 was launched. This means that buying it will allow you to save a lot of money. There are iPhone users who don’t buy the latest model. They always buy the previous model of iPhone and never the newer one. This way, they are able to enjoy the features of an iPhone and save money at the same time. In Singapore, you can get good deals on the iPhone 11 in stores such as M1. If you want to save more money, then you can even buy a refurbished iPhone 11. If you don’t mind having a model of iPhone that is a few years old, then getting an iPhone 11 is a wise move for you moneywise.

5G connectivity

One of the main reasons why some people jumped on the iPhone 12 bandwagon is because it already offers 5G connectivity. You may not be concerned about 5G now. But what about six months or a year from now? Read Also : iPhone repair Shop in Singapore