7 Designer Pieces Worth Investing in

Designer Pieces
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What to watch out for

While you might be aware that the most luxurious goods are highly sought-after, you might not be aware of just how much they can sell for, even if they aren’t brand new. With time, items become damaged and unable to be used and so being able to show others that you have one in pristine condition is very much a power move.

That means that there is a market for people to look out for the items and buy them as a form of investment. The best places to look for these items are vintage stores, thrift shops and designer outlet malls, where you can get a valuable item for very little.

Chanel quilted bags

Everybody knows that Chanel is up there with the most luxury brands out there, but did you also know that it is sometimes worth getting one of their bags even if you have no interest in wearing one? The designer brand’s quilted bags are highly sought-after and so if you see one available for a reasonable price you should consider getting it – they’re super rare!

Chanel’s quilted bags are very iconic and are an item you often see hanging off of the arms of the world’s most famous celebrities, and this means that they are always in the public eye. The fact that they are so well-known means that these items rarely drop in value and more often than not actually go up in value the older they are, especially if looked after.

Luxury belts

While the belt doesn’t hold the same kind of power it once did, they have very much become a status symbol because of how expensive the very best ones are. Women’s designer belts have become an accessory in recent times thanks to the fact that they can be paired with anything, even if the item it is paired with is not something that you would usually wear a belt with.

A good looking belt can completely elevate an outfit despite often looking simple. This is something that has made them very popular recently, especially if the item itself is a designer one. If worn with something that is simple on the eye and not too flashy, the belt can be the first thing you see and so it carries a lot of value. Keep an eye out for one!

Iconic sunglasses

Iconic sunglasses
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Not only are sunglasses a great choice if you want to keep your eyes safe from the sun, but they are also a good investment choice with older designer models selling for very good prices, especially when compared to their retail prices. Even older models of the more standard and accessible brands can resell for a lot more than they were initially sold for.

Sunglasses can make a statement, unlike many other things, being one of the first things that you notice when you look at someone. It is this ‘in your face’ aspect that makes some of the designer models so valuable – people want it to be known that they are able to afford luxury eyewear. Have a look through your old sunglasses drawer because there could be some real value hidden away in there.

An eye catching broach

The broach has come back into fashion recently after falling out of favour recently for one reason or another. An item that dates back millennia, the broaches of today are worn more for cosmetic purposes than practical reasons, but they are still very much desirable. Like with sunglasses, a broach can be subtle while at the same time being very eye-catching.

Broaches are one of the more affordable luxury items that you could choose to invest in, and now could be the perfect time to keep an eye out for one. Thrifting in vintage and second-hand stores has exploded in popularity recently and there are some real bargains out there. With them only recently being in fashion, their price is still relatively low and so now could be a great time to start searching.

Earrings and necklaces

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but if we are being honest, you can do little wrong with any kind of jewelry. Buying your partner a shiny new trinket is a loving gesture as old as time itself, but do you know what would go down even sweeter? If that shiny trinket was made by a designer brand. That being said, they often don’t come cheap so you’d best start saving.

It is because of this that it could be a smart investment decision to keep your eyes out for any jewelry that you suspect might come from a designer fashion house. Designer necklaces and earrings are very much in vogue, but many people don’t realize the value in their trinkets and so they often find themselves sold in thrift shops and second-hand stores at cut prices.

A luxury scarf

A luxury scarf
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A luxury scarf is not just eye-catching but is also very practical as it can be worn to help protect you from the elements. These items don’t come cheap, though with the very best most luxurious items costing a huge amount, representing an opportunity for you to make some real cash if you find one.

A place where you can sometimes find these much sought-after items is with online vintage sellers who often sell these items for much less than the market rate, perhaps because they don’t realise how valuable the items can be. It isn’t uncommon to see a vintage Burberry scarf resell on these websites for less than $50, which represents a great investment opportunity.

A timeless timepiece

Ending with a designer item that you will surely be aware of, the watch. A good watch is worth its weight in gold, and they go up in value more than gold as well. It is because of this well-known fact that these items don’t come cheap and you will rarely find one selling for much less than the actual value, though you should still watch out for them.

There are so many luxury timepiece brands out there so you need to keep that in mind when looking through the accessory section of your local second-hand store because you might not realise what it is until it’s too late. A Rolex, even a second-hand one, can sell for 10s of thousands and so if you can find one for even a few thousand dollars less, you would be very lucky.