3 Things That Can Affect the Cost of Paint Protection Film

Cost of Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF and clear bra, is an invisible adhesive-backed film, which is applied over the paint of a car. The purpose of using it is to protect the car from swirls, scratches and chips. The film is often self-healing; it means if you scratch it, the scratches will automatically disappear with a little heat from either the sun or a heat gun. The term clear bra comes from the origin of the product, where it is applied only to the very front of the car – just like the leather bras of the ’80s.

However, nowadays, the typical installation covers the entire front end. On high-end cars, it is normal to protect the entire car. The material is both expensive to buy, as well as install. That’s why if you are looking for Paint Protection Film Adelaide, you would like to know what can be the cost of PPF? Well, there are several things that can affect pricing.

The condition of the car

The procedure of installing a Paint Protection Film starts with a prep work on the car. It is because the paint of the vehicle has to be in flawless condition before any permanent protection is incorporated. Often car owners argue that as their cars are directly from the dealership, it is in perfect condition. But the sad reality is that even cars from the dealership don’t always come in perfect condition. They can have a host of paint defects and swirl-marks. At such a juncture, the professional needs to spend a lot of time to prepare the paint before they can put any film on it. Therefore, the first thing that the PPF installer is going to consider is the condition of your vehicle. They will then determine how much they need to charge for the prep work. Based on the condition of your car and the current market, the charge varies.

The coverage area of your car

The most important factor in pricing is the coverage that you want for your car. Some car owners like to install PPF in the most vulnerable areas of the car, including a hood, front bumper, rear-wheel arch, rocker panels, etc. Other car owners want every external surface protected with PPF. Obviously, the price is going to vary significantly for those two types of car owners. The amount of coverage you want is going to affect a couple of things for your installer. It is going to impact the material cost. Moreover, it will also impact the amount of labour required for the job. Different shops use different strategies for pricing labour. However, a common method is to take a percentage of the material costs, as it is reflective of how many square inches of film is going to be applied and so, how much time it is going to take.

The difficulty rating of the vehicle

Another thing that can make a difference in your PPF installation price is how difficult it will be to apply PPF to your car. Paint Protection Film is a two-dimensional piece of material that has to be shaped or moulded around a three-dimensional thing. It needs to be manipulated to go around all of the curves and contours of your vehicle. So, if you have a car with very dramatic design features, then it will take long time to install PPF. It will be another piece in determining the labour cost of the PPF job. Not all shops do this, but some shops consider this factor while determining the price.

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Author bio: Dylan Anderson is a signwriter and blogger on LED signage, car window signs Adelaide and many more. In this write-up, he has highlighted a few things that can affect the cost of paint protection film Adelaide.

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