How to Use Shipping Containers for Businesses

Shipping Containers

Containers are the perfect solution for businesses that need space to sell goods or services – but don’t require a long-term lease. There are ways to turn containers into unique business spaces:


Whether you’re a mechanic, a woodworker, or just someone who likes to fix things around the house, having your workshop is important. But if your garage is already full of vehicles, lawn equipment, and kid’s toys, or you simply don’t have room for an outbuilding, shipping containers for sale offer an easy solution.

These containers are built to transport cargo safely worldwide, so they’re wind and water-tight, weatherproof and fireproof. They’re also much more resistant to criminal damage than garden sheds, so you can rest assured that your expensive tools and equipment will be safe.

Before you start converting your container into your workshop, deciding how you want the space laid out is essential. You’ll need to choose what flooring type will work best, install any required plumbing fixtures and then put in the furniture. 

Extra Offices

Shipping containers from Giant Lock Box and other companies have become popular for office spaces. They are versatile, eye-catching structures that can be easily modified into a people-friendly office. They are also portable and fit perfectly in tight urban areas. They are also a great option for overstock storage or seasonal holding space and can even be transformed into a security or guard shack structure.

Using a container as an extra office space can help businesses save time and money. Traveling back and forth to offsite locations can drain a team’s productivity. Additional office space is cost-efficient and can be a more comfortable setting for meetings and calls.

Having an extra space can also allow employees to take a break without disrupting the rest of the team. Creating an entertainment spot with games and seating will help them decompress. This is an excellent way to keep the workforce happy and productive. 

Pop-Up Shops

Businesses looking to expand to new markets or increase their presence without committing to long-term leases and expensive building costs can benefit from shipping container pop-up shops. A shipping container is a trendy option for a temporary retail space that gets plenty of attention, especially when customized to reflect the business brand and style. Shipping container pop-up stores are also a great way to test a market for a new product or service, allowing you to determine how well it will be received before investing in a permanent location. Plus, using a container for a pop-up shop is a more environmentally friendly alternative than simply renting retail space in an existing mall or shopping district.

Community Development

The ability to make shipping containers into housing is a huge boon for the community, as the units are relatively inexpensive and can be easily transported. They can be modified for wheelchair accessibility and include a full kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. They can even be stacked to make the most of limited space.

When establishing a business from a shipping container, it’s essential to consult with local code enforcement officials to ensure your project meets all the requirements for that jurisdiction. These regulations may include zoning laws, building codes and permits, and the ability to register your business. It’s also a good idea to create a separate bank account for your business to keep your finances organized and more professional.

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