Everything You Need To Know About Roulette Variations

Roulette Variations

In the modern world, technology is everywhere you look, with its continued advancement and expansion affecting even the most sheltered of individuals, as it appears and influences seemingly every area of a person’s everyday life. 

One of the areas in which technology has had a huge impact is the world of gaming. The video games industry has expanded to encompass essentially every genre of game a player can imagine, based on subjects, formats and timelines across a comprehensive range of aspects that makes each game unique, and distinct within itself. 

Such now is the technology available that gaming isn’t just a chance to enter a fictional world, though, as many of the ancient land-based games such as card games, casino games, quizzes and more are now easily accessible to be played online, removing the need for congregating players together with physical items. 

A popular casino game that has easily and successfully made the transition over into a virtual format, while also continuing to be hugely popular as a physical game, is Roulette. This casino classic is a favourite among many players for its excitement and simplicity, and has been a constant of the gambling scene for hundreds of years.

Such was its worldwide popularity that many variations of the game have appeared over time, including French, European and American roulette. 

Whether you are looking to play roulette online, or preparing for a trip to a land-based casino, you can read on here to find out more about the history of roulette variations and how to best prepare for each of them. 

Why Are There Roulette Variations?

As mentioned, Roulette variations came about as a result of the game being played in several distinct locations over a significant period of time, meaning local players of the game developed their own preferences for how the game should function. 

The differences between the different types of roulette are purely based on the preferences of the location’s players, and a distinct roulette culture has developed in some of these countries around the many years of playing a particular way. 

This means that the changes are by no means revolutionary, but tweaked slightly to either suit the house, or the players. 

The beauty of online casino games means that when you visit sites such as 32Red live roulette online, you are not restricted by your geography as to the variant you choose, providing greater choice for the player. 

What Are The Differences Between Them?

The differences between the range of roulette options are very slight, but could have quite a significant impact on the players’ in game experience. There are two main sections to a roulette table, the roulette wheel and the felt, where players place their bets. Variations in these two factors can either affect the odds of the game, or the ergonomics of playing. 

For example, one of the benefits for many players regarding roulette is the strong odds, with only a slight house advantage present. In American roulette, when compared to European roulette, there is an extra slot on the wheel – another green slot. This increases the house advantage, which is why many players play European roulette when given the choice.