How To Select The Right CBD Treats For Dogs?

CBD chews for dogs

Pet parents often take a meticulous approach while selecting products for their furry friends. From their food to their grooming products, everything passes through a series of evaluations. However, when it comes to CBD products, not much is considered. Credit it to the lack of knowledge about CBD products or sheer ignorance. 

Not selecting the right CBD products for dogs can cause long-term issues. If you do not want your little pet to bear the consequence of your lack of awareness, we have some help to offer. Read further to discover the tips to help you select the right CBD chews for dogs

Tip 1: Always check the ingredients 

An ideal CBD treat contains organic ingredients. Treats with artificial ingredients or fillers, like chemical by-products, deteriorate the quality of the product and harm the health of dogs. Always check the list of ingredients before buying CBD chews for dogs. Treats with natural ingredients like full-spectrum hemp oil, coconut oil, barley, Boswellia, MCT oil, eggs, etc., are good for your dog. 

Put the product down if the list of ingredients contains strange ingredients, pesticides, or chemical by-products. 

Tip 2: Look for CBD with hemp 

CBD, in any form, be it chews, oils, or topical application, should come from hemp. CBD derived from hemp does not have THC, which is responsible for causing high. Hence, most pet parents are apprehensive about giving CBD treats to their dogs. 

Check how the hemp has been extracted, as it determines what you get in the final product. 

Tip 3: Never overlook the texture 

The markets sell dog treats in myriad textures. Hard and crunchy, soft and chewy, and more. Deciding on the texture of the dog treats depends solely on your preference or safety concerns. 

You would not want to give hard and crunchy treats to your dog if it is suffering from mobility or joint issues. Or, if your dog is prone to gum disease, you would want to give it chewy treats. 

If your dog has no such issues, experiment with the treats and see what it likes the best. 

Tip 4: Know why you want the treat

Another thing to look for in a dog treat is its potency. Do not run after a dog treat with the highest potency, as having high potency does not make the treat the best. 

Think of what works for your pet. Why do you need CBD to treat? What effect do you want to create with it?

Select the product based on these parameters.

Tip 5: Do not forget to check the third-party test results 

You will want a CBD product that carries clean, natural, and healthy ingredients and has been verified by a third-party test. Look for brands that offer potent CBD treats without adulterating them with unhealthy fillers and unnecessary processing. 

Tip 6: Never buy CBD treats without asking your vet

CBD treats come in various varieties. They work differently for different dogs and in different conditions. No one, but only your vet knows what is best for your little pooch.

Do not give CBD to your pet in any form without consulting your vet. Visit them and share your concerns. They will examine your dog and recommend a treat to foster its health and wellness. 


CBD dog treats aid digestion, relieve anxiety, improve skin, soothe pain, alleviate epilepsy and seizures, boost heart health, fight cancer, and this list goes on. However, it is imperative to select the right product to derive numerous benefits from CBD. 

Now that you know what to check while buying CBD, we hope you get the best CBD treat for your dog. 

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