Tips to Buy a Quality Backpack

Tips to Buy a Quality Backpack

Backpacks are useful for not just college students but anyone on the move. They help you pack your essentials in a jiffy and carry them around with ease. 

Quality BackpackThe freedom to carry whatever you need and keep your hands free is what makes this accessory an important staple in every man and woman’s wardrobe. Whether you are heading to a college and looking to Shop For College Bags Online or simply need a practical bag for hiking, the principles for choosing the right one usually remain the same. 

So how can you buy the perfect backpack that meets your needs? Read this article to know the tips.  


One of the most important considerations for choosing a backpack is comfort. If it hurts your shoulders or back because of day-to-day use, then it is basically defeating the purpose. The last thing you want is a backpain caused due to ill-made backpack. The right build and design is key to user comfort, especially the padding on shoulders and the shape of its backside. A well designed backpack will come with back panel, shoulder straps, and an optional hip belt that helps distribute the weight properly. When buying one, you should look for adjustable straps so that you can make the pack sit comfortably on your back without causing any strain. Ideally, they should be contoured to match the natural shape of your lower back which adds to the comfort of carrying it for longer periods of time. It must also have a hip belt to remove extra weight from your back and shoulders and put greater pressure on stronger muscles such as hip and legs. 


A backpack that you intend to use every day at school or college must be made of strong materials such as nylon to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. You can also look for heavier fabrics such as canvas that make your backpack last for years. Some even look for leather bags as they only get better with age. It may drive up the cost but leather backpacks are timeless and incredibly durable that literally pay for themselves due to low maintenance and high quality. Apart from the material of the pack itself, you should also check the quality of zippers and stitching. Carefully observe the sewing and thread material before making a purchase. 

Water resistance 

What good is a backpack if it cannot protect the contents you are carrying? For college students who need to carry laptop to school, it is very important that bag be sturdy and made from water resistant materials to keep the items safe in case of rain or splash. It should also have adequate padding to keep your laptop/tablets safe. If you are buying a bag for outdoor activities, then you must look for nylon or polyester that provide water resistance and durability required for rough use. 


Size is another important consideration when buying a backpack. A perfect sized bag is directly proportional to the size of your body. It should not only fit all the items you require but also fit your body snugly. The size can be determined by the torso length that sits on your hips and wraps your back properly. Adjustable hip belts is also an important consideration because a backpack’s weight should be supported by your hips. If your bag is too big or small in comparison to your torso, then it will result in an imbalance that can lead to backpain and other discomfort. 

Activity Needs 

A backpack must be chosen based on your needs. Do you need it for college? Are you planning to use it as a daypack? Do you need a rucksack? With so many options, one may feel confused as to which one is the right one. Apart from choosing the right material and size, you must also consider the purpose of your backpack to make sure you are able to carry all your utilities with ease. To keep things simple, you should look for a versatile bag that can be used in multiple situations. 


A backpack that is bare on the inside can make it difficult for you to organize your things. Therefore, you should look for something that has multiple pockets and compartments. An ideal backpack is the one that comes with elasticized side pockets, front pockets, and multiple compartments to organize yourself and carry all the items that you need. 

Once you have found a bag that meets all these criteria, then you need to make sure that it fits your budget as well. 

Be sure to use all these tips and your better judgment to find the perfect backpack for your day-to-day use.