Details on the U.S. Presidents net worth before and after office

U.S. Presidents net worth

Whether they were born into a dynasty or came from humble beginnings, there has been a plethora of men in power who have become the President of the United States. Though they are not shy of the wealth of privilege, this article is delving into the history of the most notable POTUS, and who they were before ruling.

Donald Trump 

Donald Trump

It wouldn’t be a piece about net worth’s if we didn’t dive into the details of no other than Donald Trump and his billion-dollar dynasty. Even to this day, Trump is spotted on the crypto casino slots games, and it’s no wonder, given that his net worth is in the numerous billions. According to Forbes his net worth is $4.5bn, whereas Wealth-X states $4.4bn, and Bloomberg shows $2.9bn; either way, it is a lot of money, and he had it all prior to his Presidency. 

Besides being born into a legacy that was forged to him through real estates, hoteliers connected to the Hyatt group, and much more, Trump was actually given a $1m loan from his father to get started. Sitting as the richest president of all time, Trump has segmented himself as someone who gets what he wants, when he wants. 

The main reason the Trump legacy is still forgoing, is due to his ever-growing addiction of putting the Trump name on where he sees fit. The Trump Organization is so successful, he places his branding and image on anything from buildings, to t-shirts, to ties, and signposts. Love him, or hate him, he is a businessman that knows exactly what he wants. 

George Washington 

George Washington 

Aptly named as one of the best American Presidents, George Washington was the first of his time and the person behind making America who it is today. Born into the Washington family, who were a wealthy Virginia based family through cultivation of tobacco, George was never new to money or fame. His wealth grew over the years before becoming president, through his work for the private sector, and his family fortune increasing. He was a surveyor in his younger years, and had a large array of assets and land, where he owned property throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and more. 

At the time of his death, he had accumulated $780,000, which is equivalent to $525 million in today’s currency; where he left his fortune Martha, his wife. He forgave any debts that were owed to him and gave funding and land to the forging of many educational institutions. 

Harry S. Truman

Harry S. Truman

Taking a large leap from George Washington, President Truman was a financially muddled individual. The 33rd president of the United States spent a majority of his life in a financial crisis, where he began his life in the countryside within Missouri as a farmer. After his service in WW1, he went into an apparel store, where he shortly found himself filing for bankruptcy. 

His roles were of very normal stature, where he was a county judge, a US Senator, and later, 

became Franklin D. Roosevelt’s vice president in January 1945. Just three short months after his vice presidency, Truman became POTUS; and his financial life was to slightly improve at this point. 

Taking a small army pension of $13,800 a year and turning down any high-paying roles due to not wanting to make money out of his name; he stayed humble throughout and kept his promise to the United States of America. 

The only time he made any funds was by signing the rights to his memoir in the 1950’s where $600,000 was paid out over a number of years. 

Joe Biden 

President Joe Biden

From middle-class, to millionaire, the current President’s rise to wealth. In 2020, though he grew up with the title “middle-class Joe”, his financial records were released and Forbes estimated that he had a net worth of $9 million. Serving as Senator from 1973 to 2009 on a healthy $200,000 a year, Biden has not recently been strapped for the cash, and in fact, there is no mention of Biden ever struggling. Taking in a flurry of funds via book deals, speaking engagements, and royalties, he is a far stretch from the past where he called himself “the poorest man in Congress.”

Biden has placed a lot of his earnings from congress into property investments, and other notable places, which put him in spot for the continuation of a passive income.

It is safe to say that although no future is certain in the White House, that he has prepared himself immensely and grew his funds into a place where he is in the position to protect his family. Swaying away from any terms relating to the middle class, Biden is a force that is building an empire, and doing great business.

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