Bobby Lee’s Wife Khayla Kuhn’s Bio, Age, & Facts

Bobby Lee wife

Khayla Kuhn is a very popular American social media model and also the co-host of the TigerBelly podcast. Furthermore, she’s also famous as Bobby Lee wife. Those of you who don’t know about Bobby Lee may like to know that he’s a comedian Robert Young Lee Jr.

Bobby Lee’s wife Khayla is one of those people on the internet who always finds themselves under the veil of controversies. In fact, it’s also worth noting that she likes to make some ambiguous and obscure comments on social media.

For example, she once called her husband her first lesbian boyfriend. She added that she doesn’t want a monogamous relationship with Lee and boasted about her past affairs. In addition, she also mentioned that she loves money among other things.

There’s another interesting point to raise about Khayla Kuhn as well. Previously, Bobby Lee never associated with any woman. So, she’s the one and only woman with whom Bobby Lee had any relationship.

So, if you want to know about Bobby lee wife Khayla Kuhn, then go through this article. You will find lots of interesting facts here about her life, like her age, family, private life, etc.

A Short Bio On Khayla 

According to the sources, Khayla Kuhn aka Bobby Lee wife was born in the year 1984. The exact date of her birth and place is not available as of yet. However, it’s worth noting that she’s an American woman and belongs to a white ethnic background. Moreover, she had a rough childhood growing up.

Her mother raised her alone. In addition, she also has a sister whose name is Julianna. On the other hand, Khayla never once did mention her father, so there’s no info that we can provide on him. So, this is one of the reasons why she started catering for herself right from the age of 17.

The reports mention that she is a graduate student of Biochemistry. In fact, she has also worked as a private teacher and taught subjects like Microbiology, anatomy, physiology, etc.

Moreover, Bobby Lee wife Khayla Kuhn in her early life worked as a waitress in a beach bar near her home to meet ends. However, she gained prominence only after marrying Bobby Lee aka Robert Young Lee jr.

Relationship With Bobby Lee Wife

We know that Khayla Kuhn is popular as Bobby Lee wife. However, the question is, how did they meet in the first place? According to the facts, the duo met via the chatting app Tinder. So, one day, they met each other and it was the beginning of their dating phase.

After dating for some time, Robert and Khayla decided to escalate their relationship. Hence, they tied the knots of marriage privately, in August 2016 at a New York Church.

So, after their marriage, Khayla and Bobby Lee began hosting Tigerbelly podcast in the year 2016. The podcast covered a lot of topics like Pop culture, Showbiz, racism, politics, sexuality, etc. It airs every Tuesday on YouTube, iTunes, and other apps.

In fact, it’s also worth noting that they entertained a lot of guests on their show, like Eric Stonestreet, Jordan Peele, etc. Currently, they have over 300k fans or subscribers and the number will just grow up.

Some Facts To Know About Khayla Kuhn

So, now that we know about Khayla Kuhn or Bobby Lee wife, let’s check out some more facts about her life.

  • She has become a social media sensation who has over 320k Instagram followers, and near about 40k Twitter fans.
  • Khayla Kuhn is a fan of MMA and also likes to play MMA games with her husband Robert Young Lee Jr. In fact, she often shares her inputs on MMA on the TigerBelly podcast.
  • According to the facts, she’s probably the one and only girl with whom Bobby Lee had a connection. It’s because he has never gone public about a girl before.
  • She is fond of dogs and loves to rescue and adopt endangered dogs and cats. Furthermore, she also uses her social media influence to advertise and find shelters for them.
  • Khayla Kuhn also loves Tattoos a lot. In fact, she has one on her left hand and another on the left side of her upper body.