Jennifer Aniston Bikini Shoot Makes Netizens Drool

Jennifer Aniston
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There is nothing more drool-worthy on the internet than a Jennifer Aniston bikini shoot. There are some people in the world who simply can’t help but age like fine wine. The 53-year-old celebrity is one of them. It does not at all look like she has crossed the mid-life threshold.

The amount of oomph she can squeeze into all her photos still proves that Jennifer reigns supreme over more than her fair share of hearts. Now she recently appeared on the cover of the fashion magazine Allure in a teeny Chanel bikini. And gods oh gods, she resembles a goddess in it. 

Social Media and Jennifer
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Now if the Chanel bikini she wore seems in any way familiar, that is because it is quite famous. Kim Kardashian wore it for an Instagram photo three years back. The bikini itself is a Chanel 1996 micro with the double C logo covering both boobs.

Kardashian captioned the photo with a rather bold “Chanel vintage, let’s be specific.” Aniston, for her part, abandoned the matching Chanel bikini bottoms. She instead decided to don a Gucci spring 1997 G-string paired with a Saint Laurent skirt. But yes, Aniston may decide to wear anything she wants and look like a goddess in it. 

A Bold Statement

According to Aniston herself, she had never felt more confident and bold than she was when she was in her twenties. She definitely faced a lot of struggles over the past few years and a lot of family conflicts which left her in pieces. But she also asserted her confidence and defiant nature. She picked up the pieces and rearranged them into something bolder and more beautiful than before.

While Aniston has zero regrets now, she does wish she was more sympathetic to her younger self. According to the actress, once upon a time, we will be 65 and, looking back, wonder how beautiful we were at 53. But that can only happen when we live our life to the fullest at that age. Her bikini shoot reveals this mentality. 

The iconic bikini was first worn by the stunning Stella Tenant in the 1996 Chanel Runway show. It was an immense success immediately, and people went crazy over it. What’s more, if you live in the plush environs of Los Angeles, you can rent the classic outfit for a couple of days and go to as many photoshoots as you want. Of course, you may not achieve Aniston’s effortless seduction and glamour, but we guarantee it, you will still look smoking hot. 

Jennifer Aniston Bikini
Credit: CNN

Social Media and Jennifer

Aniston describes her relationship with social media as disturbing. She even went so far as to criticize it as torture for her. She cannot come to terms with the hazy, glamorous world. The world where fame comes and leaves people in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t come to her naturally. She considers it a great blessing that she grew up at a less hectic age. An age when social media was not as widespread as it is now. 

Young girls these days simply can’t help comparing each other on social media and despair when they cannot keep up with the current standards of beauty. According to her, people should be more kind to themselves, which is why she opted for a teeny bikini during the photoshoot. Moreover, there is no small wonder why she calls it the Phoenix Shoot. 


1. Where can I find Jennifer Aniston bikini pics?

You can find Jennifer Aniston bikini pics on the Internet. 

2. Where can I see Jennifer Aniston bikini butt?

Well, there are several photos you will find on the internet.

3. Does Jennifer Aniston have a baby?

No, Jennifer Aniston does not have children. 

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